Rings are one of the most beautiful and beloved jewelry pieces. Rings have been worn throughout history. Expensive rings are especially popular amongst celebrities — even Elvis Presley was buried with his favorite diamond ring.

Today, there are more ring options than ever. Gemstone rings are still a favorite among consumers. No two gemstone rings are the same or offer the same quality.

Read this guide and know everything about buying gemstone rings.

Identify the Four C’s

The four C’s are a common buying strategy when purchasing diamonds. This method can be used to purchase all gemstones.


The gemstone’s cut impacts not only the aesthetics but also the color payoff and how much the gemstone sparkles.

Some cuts determine the gemstone’s natural shape; very rarely do large and brilliant gemstones occur naturally, so they’re cut to enhance their brilliance.


There are multiple factors you must look at when identifying the gemstone color:

  • Tone — the lightness or darkness
  • Hue — the purity of the color
  • Saturation — the intensity of the color

Unlike diamonds, colored gemstones have more flexibility in terms of color. The ring you choose mainly reflects on your preference. However, each gemstone has different color standards.

For example, sapphires are of higher quality if their tone is darker while keeping intense saturation. Whereas emeralds should be in the middle of tone with high hue and saturation.


Gemstones with optimum clarity are considered the highest quality. The way light moves in the stone determines how much it will sparkle and shine. But clarity is more flexible with colored gemstones, as opposed to diamonds.

For example, flaws are common with a stone such as a tanzanite. Some buyers may even prefer gemstones with inclusions because they look more unique.


The carat is the weight of the gemstone. Your jeweler may also measure its size in millimeters. A big misconception is “big is better” in terms of carat and size.

It’s best to choose a gemstone’s size based on your preference and what works best for the ring.

Different Gemstones

There are many lovely gemstones in the world. The one you choose depends on your preference. Here are a few options you have.


Sapphires are known as the “gemstone of royalty.” Sapphires are worn by those of royal standing and celebrities. Sapphires come in every hue, but the dark and brilliant blue is the most popular sapphire color.


Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. That’s why the diamond ring is still a staple in ring fashion and is a top-selling gemstone, especially engagement rings. Colored diamonds are also seeing a major popularity increase.


Rubies have a famous brilliant red hue and make a statement. There are many red hue options, the most popular one is a purplish-red with a medium-to-dark tone and vivid saturation.

Rubies are extremely hard and durable rings. They often endure many enhancements, so few ruby rings feature the natural stone.


Right next to sapphires, emeralds are the other royal stone. Emeralds are brilliant greens and their tones range from light to dark. Emeralds have been popular throughout history and they were even Cleopatra’s favorite gemstone.


Tourmaline is actually a family of gemstone and they come in many colors. Tourmalines are unique because they may even display multiple colors. They have a hardness of 7 and make durable gemstones for rings.


Amethyst is a popular gemstone because of its striking purple color. Their tone ranges from light lavender to a deep purple. Amethyst is also a durable stone with a hardness of 7.


Garnets are usually confused with rubies because they also hold a brilliant red hue. Garnets come in different colors, besides red.

Garnets are more durable than many gemstones. Garnets are flexible stones and usually feature different cuts and styles.


Citrine is a popular and unique gemstone. Citrine is commonly orange, but its hue can range from a lemon-yellow to a champagne brown. The highest quality citrine is orange with flashes of red. They are another durable gemstone.


Opals are unique because they feature flashes of different colors when you hold them to the light.

Opals are truly unlike other gemstones — they have their own unique grading system. The only downside about opal is high maintenance. Fo this reason, many even use Opalites instead.


Aquamarine is often a light-blue hue, but its color ranges from sky blue to blue-green.

Because of the different hues inside the stone, you’ll mainly find aquamarine round cuts to emphasize the brilliance. Aquamarine is also one of the most durable gemstones, boasting a hardness of up to 8.

Discover more about aquamarine here.

How to Buy a Ring

If you want to buy a gemstone ring, you should also ensure the quality and style of the ring is up to your standards. Here are some best practices to consider.

Setting Styles

Today, gemstone rings come in a myriad of setting styles. These include the classic solitaire setting but also a three-stone setting (usually the gemstone surrounded by diamonds), a halo setting, and a bypass ring.

Ring Metal

There are different ring metals you can choose from. Popular options include:

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Platinum
  • Titanium

Some of these metals come in different colors. For example, traditional gold is yellow. But you can opt for white or rose gold.

The type of metal you choose depends on the ring’s durability, maintenance, purity, weight, and price. You should also take any metal allergens into consideration.

Buying Gemstone Rings Is Easy

Gemstone rings are one of the most exquisite jewelry pieces.

There are many beautiful gemstone options and they all offer their benefits. Gemstones also make unique engagement rings and some stones convey a sense of fame or royalty.

But buying gemstone rings can be intimidating. Use this advice to land the gemstone ring you’ll cherish for years!

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