If you have experienced any kind of memory loss, you know it can be confusing and frustrating. Even small and common memory lapses, such as misplacing your keys or forgetting why you entered a room can range from annoying to irritating.

While some memory loss is normal with age, sudden memory loss is not. Typically, sudden memory loss is a sign of a serious problem that should be checked out right away. While many think of sudden memory loss as one of many dementia symptoms, there are a few reasons why you might experience this kind of memory problem.

Here are several causes you should be aware of


Dementia is a term used to recognize several conditions and diseases characterized by a decline in cognitive ability and functioning. One of the signs of early dementia is sudden memory loss. Dementia is common and incurable, however, there is rare dementia support available for those who are experiencing the rarest and most debilitating forms of dementia.

Head Injuries

Head injuries, ranging from a concussion to a traumatic brain injury, can cause sudden memory loss. This is because trauma to your head can result in brain damage that affects your short-term and long-term memory. You can experience memory loss for a while or it can be permanent.


One of the warning signs of a stroke is sudden memory loss.

Silent strokes occur when you have no stroke-like symptoms although the blood supply to your brain has been cut off. While you may not know youโ€™ve had a silent stroke, studies show they do cause brain damage that often results in memory and thinking problems. In many cases, one of the only signs of a silent stroke is sudden memory loss.

When to Seek Treatment

Sudden memory loss should always be taken seriously as it is a symptom of several serious health conditions. If you are experiencing sudden memory loss, itโ€™s important to seek medical attention immediately, as you could be having a stroke.

If possible, bring a family member or friend with you to your appointment as your doctor will ask you memory-related questions you may not be able to answer. Be prepared to go through several tests while your doctor searches for a diagnosis.

Getting help as soon as you experience sudden memory loss is essential as you may have a condition that is treatable and even reversible.

There Are Many Causes of Sudden Memory Loss

There are many reasons why you may experience sudden memory loss.

Your memory loss could be one of the many Alzheimerโ€™s disease symptoms, or you could be having a stroke. Certain medications can cause memory problems, as can a brain tumor. Recent head trauma could also be the reason for your sudden memory loss.

Whatever is causing your memory problems, itโ€™s important to seek medical attention right away and get treatment as soon as possible.

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