About 21 million Americans have developed at least one addiction. Meanwhile, drug overdose deaths have more than tripled since 1990. If you’re currently struggling with an addiction, consider seeking help right away.

Here are the 5 stages of recovery you’ll complete throughout the process. Reading more about the stages of change in recovery can help you prepare.

Then, you can start on your road to rehabilitation and take back your life.

Read on to learn more about the stages of recovery today.

1. Precontemplation

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During the precontemplation stage, people aren’t ready for actual addiction treatment. People in this stage are often defensive. They tend to justify their behavior, too.

They might not yet realize the negative impact drugs or alcohol has on their lives.

People might remain in this stage if they fail to learn more about addictive behaviors. They can also get stuck here if they’ve experienced failed attempts to recover.

You’ll need to inform yourself to move on to the next stages of recovery.

2. Contemplation

During the contemplation stage, people are ready to make a change, though not an immediate one. They’re often aware of the pros of becoming drug-free, too.

During this stage, people are more likely to listen to reason.

3. Preparation

Gender-specific addiction treatment

During this stage, people feel a sense of urgency regarding their sobriety. They’re ready to undergo stages of change in recovery. They might consider going to a counselor or attempting to quit alone.

4. Action

About 23.5 million Americans are addicted to alcohol and drugs. That’s about one in every 10 Americans over the age of 12. Unfortunately, only 11% of people receive treatment for their addiction.

That’s 2.6 million people who never receive the care they need.

During the action stage, people are ready to make significant changes. They’re more likely ready to commit to the change, too. They might make changes in multiple aspects of their life as they work further through the 5 stages of recovery.

You can reach out to the team at Hope Rising Recovery to work through these stages of alcohol recovery with help.

5. Maintenance

During this stage, people work hard to prevent potential addiction relapse. They also work to maintain the lifestyle changes they made. For example, perhaps they’re regularly attending support groups or exercising.

They might not feel an urge to relapse as frequently while in this stage.

Their confidence will continue to grow as they maintain their sobriety long-term, too. Completing the stages of alcohol recovery, however, requires commitment.

It can take someone six months of abstinence before they reach a point where they won’t return to destructive behaviors. The maintenance stage is an ongoing process.

The Road to Recovery: Begin the Stages of Recovery Today

The Road to Recovery

You don’t have to let addiction control your life anymore. Instead, consider starting with these stages of recovery. Undergoing this process will allow you to retake control.

Then, you can start living a happier, healthier future.

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