Secure access service edge (SASE) allows enterprises to boost the performance, efficiency, and reliability of networks while also making massive improvements to visibility and security. This all the benefits of SASE. This is because SASE combines the network capabilities of a software-defined wide-area network (SD-WAN) with a cloud-based security and management backend.

SASE is the next iteration of network security technology. SD-WAN allows enterprises to run their networks with far greater efficiency and ease. By creating a software-defined architecture, network traffic can be managed and directed anywhere. The secure access elements of SASE make it a highly effective way for organizations to both run and protect their networks. Here are some of the key benefits of SASE.

Key Benefits Of SASE

Security Goes Wherever Devices Go

Security Goes Wherever Devices Go

We’re living in an unprecedented time. Technology is driving innovation in business applications faster than at any point before. Breakthroughs thanks to machine learning, artificial intelligence, and automation, are a driving force behind this exponential expansion.

These improvements in technology don’t just happen in a vacuum. They lead to real changes in the world. One thing that’s become much more prevalent is the usage of personal devices on enterprise networks, as well as needing to remotely access networks in general. It used to be extremely challenging, if not impossible, to do these things in the recent past. Now, however, companies can manage network traffic even in this brave new era of secure access service edge.

Thanks to SASE’s ability to exist on the edge of networks, unified under the umbrella of SD-WAN, it can provide all essential connectivity and security functions regardless of device location. Due to this, it doesn’t matter where or how people are accessing the enterprise network, SASE ensures they can make a safe and reliable connection.

Security Is Built into Connectivity

Security Is Built into Connectivity

In the past, organizations needed to address their connection and security issues with different tools and solutions. Now, however, SASE allows enterprises to check far more boxes with one integrated network architecture.

Security needs to be a priority all the time for all enterprises. There’s simply no excuse for taking shortcuts with network security in today’s world. The number of data breaches per year grew almost tenfold from 2005 to 2019. Not only is far more sensitive data being stored and sent through the cloud, but criminals have gotten incredibly sophisticated with their methods.

With SASE, security is built right in. The secure access has prevention, detection, and response layers to ensure that any incoming threats are met and stopped before they cause damage.

Free Up Your IT Department

Free Up Your IT Department

Your organizational resources are valuable. You don’t want to allocate time and capital inefficiently. This includes how employees spend their workdays. It doesn’t make sense to have IT teams working on things that can be run more effectively by an outside service provider.

Contracting a SASE solution through a cloud security broker or cybersecurity firm can be the optimal choice for enterprises. This is especially true when considering the costs associated with data breaches. Just because they’re getting more common doesn’t mean they’re getting cheaper. Reports show the costs of data breaches have risen by 10 percent over the past five years. It’s going to be expensive to deal with the aftermath of a serious security breach.

With an outside party providing comprehensive network security, your IT department will be free to solve other issues, as well as use analytics and monitoring tools to do further security audits. The time SASE can save your IT team in and of itself can make it a worthwhile investment.

There are many benefits of SASE. Organizations that treat network security as a top priority should see the value in adopting SASE solutions.

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