Perhaps you’re about to graduate high school and have a passion for technology. You don’t necessarily feel like the traditional route of higher education is for you.

You aren’t the only one.

A recent $412 million dollar acquisition of one of the best coding bootcamps shows how higher education is changing.

You’ve heard about coding bootcamps and are wondering what exactly do you learn, and what it’s actually like to attend one. The idea of getting practical digital skills in coding in as little as 12 weeks is appealing.

Are you looking to learn code in an intensive and dedicated environment? Thinking about joining a bootcamp?

Let’s find out what attending one may be like.

What Are the Best Coding Bootcamps Actually Like to Attend?

Before you submit your application to a coding bootcamp, you will want to know more about what they teach, how long the program is, and what it costs. You will also want to know how fast you will get a job.

According to Course Report, 79% of graduates of coding bootcamps found jobs within 120 days or less.  Also, the average person entering a bootcamp made about $47,000 before the bootcamp and about $71,000 after attending.

Let’s clear up the basics about what coding is first, as well as the definition of bootcamp. Coding involves digital skills such as web development, data science, digital marketing, and UX/UI Marketing. A bootcamp is a class that is a shorter, more intensive, and has practical application.

For example, with a computer science degree, you may spend 4+ years getting your degree and have a few internships. In comparison, your coding bootcamps will be complete as fast as in 12-24 weeks. It will also have more time coding in web development, data science, and digital marketing.

Here is what the best coding bootcamps are like.

Free Intro to Coding

Before you decide whether you want to attend a coding bootcamp, you may want to take a free intro to coding.

This is a simple beginner course to help you see if coding and a coding bootcamp is for you. With any coding experience, you will want to schedule a session with an advisor for admissions and finances.

Eleven Fifty Academy

Eleven Fifty offers two free courses on coding and cybersecurity for you to get an initial sense of whether coding bootcamp is for you. They offer both full-time and part-time immerse options.

Their options include coding and cybersecurity, Javascript, and more. You can expect to experience a real-time immersion into what you’ll be doing in coding.

They offer scholarships and financial aid for tuition. 

Flatiron, Assembly, and Thinkful

These are similar coding bootcamps that may offer both online options and local options for you. They have also created a free coding prep bootcamp online for you to test drive.

They provide insights into data and placements with a 97% employment rate and $74,000 starting salary post-graduation.

Final Thoughts on the Top Coding Bootcamps

In summary, the best coding bootcamps may be 100% online, offer live classes, and include hands-on practical coding projects. They’re intensive programs that you can complete in less than a year with attractive opportunities. 

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