Gmail is one of the most popular email programs of all time. Bold statement, right?

Well, with around 1.8 billion active, monthly users, it’s no wonder they can make that claim.

Deciding on which email program to use can be tricky, considering there are over 300 billion emails sent every, single day. Using email has become a vital part of all our daily lives, so when it comes to choosing the right one for you or for your business, how do you know which direction to go?

Of the 4 billion email users worldwide, almost half are on Gmail. Aside from the fact that using Gmail (to a certain extent) is free, the list of other benefits is a long one.

We’ve got something to help you decide. Keep reading to find out all the benefits of using Gmail.

1. Gmail Gives You G-suite

Gmail Gives You G-suite

With a Gmail account, you automatically get a profile to be able to use all the other Google services. You get access to Google Drive, contacts, and many others.

You can work online on Google Sheets, Google Docs, and others.

All of these allow for online collaboration, file sharing, and storage.

2. Compatibility With All Devices

When using Gmail, you’ve got the option to use your email across all devices. You can access your Gmail on Android and Windows, or even get a Gmail app for Mac.

Gmail can be loaded onto Android phones and iPhones easily through the app which makes it a great option no matter your hardware preference.

3. Syncing With Chrome

Syncing With Chrome

One of our favorite Gmail benefits is that you can opt to use Google Chrome as your preferred browser. The reason you may do this is that you can opt to sync your Gmail profile with your Chrome browser.

This means that your browsing history can be saved for convenience or even passwords for ease of logging into any of your preferred sites.

4. Cool Personalization

With Gmail, there’s almost no end to the personalization options available. You can change themes, buttons, fonts, and font sizes, even how your email messages are displayed.

You can create a space for yourself that works exactly the way that you want it to.

5. Tons Of Space

Tons Of Space

When you’re just starting out with a Gmail account, you get 15GB free, this is standard for all free users.

Google estimates this around 3 million emails worth of space, that is of course if you’re not using some of that space in your Google Drive or Docs too. But still, 15GB is a great amount of space to get started with.

Using Gmail: The Benefits

Using Gmail as your email software is like choosing a gourmet restaurant for dinner. You’re highly unlikely to be disappointed.

From the customizable options through to all the added benefits, you simply can’t go wrong.

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