Streaming TV or online TV is a type of television delivery system, which distributes video content over the internet, instead of traditional over-the-air broadcasts or for that matter, cable. This method of digital content access came into being around 2010s, and since then, it has taken over the world by storm. Just this year, streaming TV observed an 85% jump in engagement time across the U.S., which is enough to indicate its rise and hint towards its increasing adoption by Americans from the east to the west coast. So, if you haven’t already had a taste of streaming TV services and are hesitant to try, then this post will convince you otherwise. Here are the top advantages of streaming TV in 2020.


Everybody wants to save, and that’s a prudent move. The good news is that streaming TV is incredibly affordable. Average subscription costs range from $5 to $25 per month. You can even take the streaming service for a test drive through the free trial, starting from 7 days to a whole month. Some internet providers, like Time Warner, also offer their versions of Streaming TV, consisting of the best programming from TWC TV packages, and costing under $15 per month only! All you would is high-speed internet, a TV display, and a streaming device to start watching right away.

Display Flexibility

A majority of video streaming services have their own apps, besides the default browser sites. You can download these apps onto your smart TV directly or access them from the streaming device of your choice, which could be Roku, Chromecast, Fire TV, or a gaming console. If you are constantly on the move and traveling outside, you can download the streaming TV apps on your smartphones, tablets, or laptops, and sign in to access your content, provided that your device is connected to the internet. Streaming TV has universal device compatibility and displays flexibility unlike any other!

Seamless Viewing

With streaming TV, you get the most flexible playback options. Left an episode of Lucifer in the middle? Start watching from there the next time you log in to Netflix. You won’t have to find the point where you left the stream. It will be automatically marked for you. Not only that, but you can also fast-forward and rewind the episode to your liking, and toggle to the previous/next show with zero difficulties. Streaming TV services have a user-friendly interface, which is worth-experiencing.

Personalized Libraries

Cable TV plans usually bring hundreds of channels to your television set – from local networks to international varieties. It’s all fun and good, but you need to ask yourself this: Do watch all the cable channels that your provider includes in your subscription? No? Then, why do you have to pay so much for the entire package if you only watch a handful of dedicated networks? Streaming TV solves this dilemma. It lets you choose your own content library and pay for only that. Amazon Prime Video allows you to rent select titles for a limited time, so you can keep on refreshing your palate for a low price.

Adjustable Video Quality

Continuing on the personalization trend, streaming TV services lend you more freedom to control the quality of video you’re about to watch. For instance, Netflix has this three-tier pricing system based on video quality. The ‘Basic’ plan offers the entire Netflix library in Standard Definition for $8.99 per month. The ‘Standard’ plan gives access to High Definition for $12.99 per month. And, you can watch all the titles in the ultimate 4K UHD quality with the ‘Premium’ plan for $15.99 per month. You don’t get such options with cable.

No Wait Time

It is one thing to download a movie or a TV show on your device, and another thing to stream it online. With the first option, you have to wait while the download completes (provided that your internet works fast enough), whereas, with the second one, you can start watching your favorite TV shows, movies, documentaries, and more content instantly. Downloading takes up excess storage while streaming TV neither burdens your data storage nor makes you wait. You don’t even need high-end internet speed to stream videos online. A mere 3 Mbps is enough to support Standard Definition video on your device.

No Commercials

This is another benefit of steaming TV. Where cable shows are constantly interrupted by annoying commercials, online streaming services are free from such ads. You can binge-watch your shows continuously in one go without having to break your flow.

Wrapping Up

Streaming TV is definitely on the rise, and this post shows you why. There are multiple advantages of subscribing to a streaming TV service in 2020. So, what are you waiting for? Hop on the streaming bandwagon and explore new avenues of entertainment.

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