Did you know that almost 2,800 Americans aged 13 and older survive accidents because of Airbags?

Car accidents are one of the leading causes of fatalities in the country. Regardless of whether you’re involved in an incident, knowing what accident injuries are is always useful. But without prior experience, you’ll have no idea which to identify.

Don’t give up yet.

With this guide, you’ll learn about various car accident injuries. That way, you’ll know what treatment to apply. Read on and find out more:

1. Whiplash

This is the common term for injuries related to muscles, ligaments, and tendons during accidents. When it happens, your body often jerks in a sudden motion. This is faster than what you can hope to achieve if you move on your own.

This results in a trauma that strains your muscles, as well as other soft tissues. The good news is that this injury type won’t break any bones. But getting whiplash is excruciating, and it takes time to heal from it.

2. Scrapes and Cuts

These injuries often occur because of the impact made either by your vehicle or the other party’s. In some cases, you get scrapes and cuts because you got hit by loose projectiles like unsecured keys or phones. No matter how severe it is, these injuries can often cause a lot of pain.

The worst part is that it also exposes you to infections, especially when it doesn’t get timely treatments. Bacterial wound infections can result in gas gangrene and tetanus. In turn, these will cause long-term disabilities and even death.

3. Head Injuries

The sudden violent motion involved in car crashes often causes you to get hit hard on the head. It’s especially when you have no airbags installed in your steering wheel. When suffering from these injuries, it causes both short and long-term injuries and complications.

When your traumatic brain injuries go by untreated, it causes long-term problems with your brain’s functions. It causes your head to hurt periodically, making sleep difficult. The worst part is the difficulty of diagnosing these maladies.

But when discovered early, your physician will likely make a deliberate treatment plan. That way, you make a full recovery and avoid untoward complications. If you want to know how health insurance pays your medical bills after an accident, click the linked article and read more.

4. Broken Ribs

It’s common for ribs to break during car accidents because they’re fragile. It’s bad enough that even light to moderate impact is enough. Often, broken ribs happen because you’re pushed in all sorts of directions as the car impacts with another.

Like other injuries on this list, broken ribs can cause moderate to extreme pain. But when diagnosed, the treatment methods are easy enough. In most cases, you only need longer rest periods to recover from it.

5. Fractures

Full-on car accidents will often get your arms, legs, and shoulders broken as a result. This happens because of the unnatural levels of force exerted on your body. Depending on how healthy your bones are, they’re likely to break when these forces exceed what they can take.

You’ll commonly experience broken bones in rear-end and side-impact accidents. But regardless of the type of collision, this injury can happen. It can put you out of commission for months, especially when you break multiple major bones in your body.

6. Internal Bleeding

This injury is as common as cuts and scrapes when getting into an accident. But it’s a more serious condition, especially when left untreated after the vehicle collision. That’s why it’s always advisable to get treatments for any accident, even the most minor ones.

Take note, you’re unlikely to notice internal bleeding until it gets worse. That’s why it’s vital to get your body checked to locate any trace of this injury. That way, you won’t have to face a life-threatening condition.

7. Herniated Disc

This injury happens when one or more vertebrae in your spine move out of place. Worse, herniated discs are also the results of getting these bones rapturing. This is a common car accident injury, happening as frequently as breaking bones.

Herniated disks require immediate treatment because it will hurt a lot. If you let it go without treatments, you’re likely to suffer from various complications.

8. Knee Trauma

Most car crashes have enough impact to send your knees striking the dashboard. This will make your ligaments and kneecap painful. This type of injury needs corrective treatments, like braces, crutches, and even surgery.

Your knees are complex, that’s why injuring it will send you howling in pain. It’s especially frustrating because after getting treatments, you’re likely to find walking a tedious task. Give it time since the treatment aims to reconstruct your knees to get its normal function.

9. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

When getting into a car accident, know that not all injuries related to it are physical. Because of the tremendous amounts of stress involved, you’re likely to get emotional and mental injuries. The worst among this is PTSD since it can paralyze you, with even the most familiar routines becoming uncomfortable or even impossible.

The good news is that you have access to several treatment methods for PTSD. As a general rule, you must get in touch with a psychiatrist to help debrief you. In some cases, they will recommend anti-anxiety medications and other related treatments.

10. Other Psychological Injuries

Aside from PTSD, you might end up with other psychological conditions after the car crash. Sometimes, you’ll find yourself re-living it through a flashback. Like PTSD, it’s important to get help to recover from your mental illnesses.

Remember, your mental wounds are as real as your physical ones.

Avoid Car Accident Injuries Today!

These are common car accident injuries you might get. Use these to know what treatment options are available for you. It’s better to be ready than underprepared.

Of course, there are other traffic safety and statistics to learn. To get all the information you need, we invite you to keep reading our other blog posts and guides today!

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