Have you ever considered going to a mentalist show? There is a lot to enjoy. It can make for an entertaining show to watch or even a way to know more about yourself and gain a connection. What other show can say that?

If you’re itching for a night with a nice meal and a good show, you might want to look into a mentalism show. But a lot of people are a little lost as to what that means. Maybe you’ve never heard of it or maybe you’re wondering what the difference is between magicians and hypnotists – if any? Well, we’re here to clear things up. Take a look at our guide to mentalism shows to see whether it would make a good fit for your next date night.

What Is Mentalism?


Mentalism is some offshoot of hypnosis and magicians in that the star of the show, the mentalist, demonstrates highly developed mental abilities. They prove themselves able to read your mind or even connect you with people you’ve lost through intuition.

If you were to see a mentalist show in a theatre, you would likely see a mentalist reach deep into a person’s past and pull out details they couldn’t possibly know, or communicate with someone who is no longer here, acting as a telephone between worlds.

So, A Magician Right?

mentalism show

Not really. There are a lot of big differences between magicians and mentalists, not only due to the fact that what they actually do in their show is very different. Magicians can take part in low-level mentalism, like picking a card and such, but they tend to do an array of magic activities, whereas mentalists are more niche. They focus solely on their highly developed mind tricks, rather than sawing people in half and putting them back together or any daredevil stunts.

As you can imagine then, that makes for a lot of difference in the show itself. Mentalists don’t need all the bells and whistles and equipment that comes with a magicians’ tricks. Their shows are a stripped back affair with few props and likely only the mentalist, an assistant, and some volunteers involved.

mentalism show

The difference between a hypnotist and a mentalist however, comes down to intent and therefore tone. A hypnotist is looking for a volunteer to puppeteer, whereas a mentalist is looking to shock you with what they know. So, while a hypnotist is looking to get some laughs by making volunteers do and say ridiculous things, a mentalist is looking for awed silence. They take themselves and their show more seriously than magicians and hypnotists.

A night out can be well improved by going out to see a mentalist. You’re likely to be awed by what a mentalist can pull from your brain, with or without your cooperation. It’s a sophisticated night out but is sure to stick in your mind for years to come. As nights out go, it offers something new as an underrated dinner and shows option.

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