Planning a vacation can be exhausting: booking flights, picking the right hotel, arranging activities, renting a car…definitely not relaxing.

Marriott Timeshares provide a wealth of options for dream vacations without all of the stress that comes along with arranging trip details.

Understanding Marriott Timeshares

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A Marriott timeshare, also known as vacation ownership is an agreement to pay for annual trips to a select location. You pay a lump sum up front and then pay annual maintenance fees.

If you plan to travel often, a timeshare could be a great investment for you. You have the feel of owning a property without all of the issues that can arise from owning your vacation home.

Vacation Rental Vs. Timeshare Ownership

For a typical vacation, you rent a hotel room or vacation home, take your vacation and head back home. In this case, you may not even stay at the same location more than once.

Marriott Timeshares allow you to return to the place you loved year after year. Timeshare participants own a deeded real estate interest in a property. This means they can be passed on to family members!

If at any point you want out of your timeshare, there are a variety of options for selling. Marriott resales may utilize the right of first refusal when you sell, but this is a quick and easy process.

Selecting Your Vacation


Timeshares allow you to vacation any time of the year. Book your select week, or weeks, ahead of time, and rest easy knowing you have an ensured vacation coming up.

Depending on the timeshare you select you will have a variety of vacation options. Marriott Vacation Club timeshares give owners the opportunity to travel more than once a year.

Certain vacation clubs allow their timeshare owners to chose from a variety of locations and resorts all over the world! This can be a great option for those who still enjoy traveling to new places.

In addition to resorts, hotels, and spas, Marriott timeshares also provide the option for the ocean and river cruises! Now that is flexibility.

Vacation Club Points

Marriott timeshare owners take part in a point system for vacations. These points are essentially how you “pay” for each vacation. Use points to book your vacation. If you are running low for a certain vacation, you can borrow from a different year or purchase more.

Vacation points don’t just have to be applied to your booking. These may also be applied to experiences like tours and excursions!

Taking Charge of Your Vacation

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Time can slip away and before you know it, another year has passed without vacation time. Owning a timeshare is a great way to make sure you take at least a week away for relaxation.

Marriott Timeshares are a great option for vacation enthusiasts! Over thousands of vacation locations, flexible point systems and a simple booking process leave you feeling less stressed and more excited to take that well-deserved break!

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