78% of internet users conduct product research online. This means that the majority of consumers will Google your business or product/service before handing over any money.

Do you know what comes up when they do? If not, then you probably don’t have a great digital presence. And as a result, you’re losing out on great sources of revenue.

To quickly boost your profits, you need to practice good digital marketing. And one way to do so is by using Google search ads.

So what are Google search ads? And what benefits come with them? Read on to find out!

What Are Google Search Ads?

Google search

Google ads are a paid type of advertising. The gist of it is this: when people type in a relevant search to your business, your website will be displayed on the top of the search engine results pages (SERPs). Your ad can also appear on the bottom or next to search results across other Google products, such as Google Play and Google Maps.

When you pay Google to put out search ads for you, you can decide where you want yours to appear.

Benefits of Google Search Ads

Most businesses focus on search engine optimization (SEO), which is an organic way to bring in website traffic. SEO marketing is popular because it’s either cheap or free to do, which is great for those on a budget.

Because SEO is so budget-friendly and effective, you might be wondering why you should pay for Google search ads. Here’s why.

You Can Target Your Ads Better

Why Be on Top of Google Search Results

When advertising on Google, you’ll get to choose the demographics your ads are served to. This means you won’t have to waste marketing dollars serving ads to people who’d have 0% interest in your products/services.

You Have Better Control Over Marketing Spend

One of the biggest pains about marketing is you often go over budget. But this won’t happen with Google search ads!

You choose how much you want to spend either per day, per month, or per ad. Considering Google only charges you when someone clicks on your ad, this gives you complete control! There’s no minimum spend needed either, so even the smallest companies can afford Google search ads.

Get Fast Results

SEO can take some time to produce results. If you need to bring in traffic and business fast, then Google search ads are the answer.

Think of it as a fast track to boosting traffic!

Upgrade Your Digital Marketing Today

As you can see, Google search ads are a great way to bring in quicker traffic while you slowly get more organic traffic in.

Paid and organic marketing both have their own strengths and weaknesses, so you shouldn’t choose one over the other. Instead, by combining both, you’ll be able to get your brand out in front of your target audience in the most effective way possible!

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