Gardens are a staple of home design and landscaping in cultures throughout the world. They add a splash of color and freshness to your yard, home, indoor patio, and greenhouse. Gardening improves mood, decreases stress, and even lowers the risk of heart problems.

There are so many things you can do to enhance the look and feel of your garden. You could add classic garden gnomes, twinkling solar lights, fences, birdbaths, and stepping stones for a touch of personality. One of the most popular indoor garden additions with homeowners is garden windows.

What are garden windows, and how can they take your indoor garden to the next level?

Learn more about the uses, styles, and benefits of these special windows

What Are Garden Windows?

Garden windows are designed to enclose indoor gardens in your home. They’re ideal for small kitchen gardens, indoor patios, sunrooms, breakfast books, and any window sill garden in your home. You can even install one in your sunny bedroom!

These types of windows most resemble bay windows, but they aren’t to be confused with bay windows. Like bay windows, garden windows protrude out of your home’s facade. They also resemble storefront display windows or miniature greenhouses.

Features of a Traditional Garden Window

The most significant difference between garden windows for kitchens and regular home windows is the thickness of the glass. Garden window glass is typically 1-inch thick and insulated for efficiency. Thick, insulated glass traps sunlight to create ideal garden conditions.

The latest garden window designs are strong, durable, and reinforced by thick vinyl frames. Older garden windows are made of wood or other organic materials. You may need to replace the windows and frames with PVC vinyl and insulated glass; otherwise, the wood may rot away over time.

Your garden window should protrude at least 18-inches out of the wall. These windows must protrude out to draw in sunlight. Therefore, you’ll need reliable siding, casings, and sills to support your garden windows.

Garden windows are comprised of three windows. There is one front awning window with a window on each side, which creates its signature bay window look.

To learn more about the form and function of these windows, research the garden window designs from Elite Windows and Siding. There’s plenty to learn about metal reinforcements for garden windows, top-sloped insulating glass, the right exterior materials, and more.

Benefits of Garden Windows for Kitchen Makeovers

Kitchen renovations are some of the most popular home renovation projects. They’re also the perfect opportunity to create an indoor garden right in your kitchen. Garden windows can help create your mini dream garden without the hassle.

Indoor gardens add a splash of color, aroma, and freshness to your kitchen. They also circulate oxygen in your home for improved indoor air quality. If you already have window sill plants, you can add even more with a garden window!

Remember how garden windows protrude 18-inches out from the kitchen? This is plenty of room for more indoor plant cultivation. You can also install a shelf in your window for more plants.

Here are the best kitchen plants for these windows:

  • Morning glories
  • Jasmine
  • Pansies
  • Snapdragons
  • Parsley
  • Oregano
  • Rosemary

As you can see, garden windows are ideal for kitchen herb gardens. You can also grow fresh thyme, dill, mint, sage, sweet marjoram, lemongrass, and more delicious herbs for your meals.

These windows create ideal conditions for vegetable gardens. Grow cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, scallions, and radishes right in your kitchen! You could even grow sweet strawberries and blueberries for breakfast.

The Benefits of Bedroom Garden Windows

Indoor gardens are known to improve everything from mood to interior design. Why not install a sunny garden window in your bedroom? You’ll have more oxygen circulation, healthy vitamin d, uplifting aromas, and a touch of natural style.

Plants and windows can completely transform a space. Sensory experiences play a significant role in how you feel about a space. Garden windows can fill your bedroom with much-needed sunlight, warmth, and energy.

Consider Garden Windows for Your Business

If you work from home, consider the benefits of installing garden windows. Studies show that sunlight and plants improve focus and productivity. It’s hard to stay motivated in a dark and dreary bedroom.

Home-based businesses may want to consider garden windows for home offices too. Indoor gardens are commonplace in brick-and-mortar locations. Plants help put clients and customers at ease.

Here are several ways garden windows can improve business:

  • Reduce stress for employees and customers
  • Improve employee wellness and decrease sick days
  • Improve indoor air quality
  • Create natural insulation to reduce outside noises

Consider installing a garden window in your lobby and main office. You can also decorate it with seasonal decor throughout the year. There’s plenty of room to display business cards, pamphlets, and free gifts, as well.

How to Install a Garden Window

There are two ways to approach window installation. If you have home construction experience, you could install garden windows yourself with the help of a tutorial. However, for best results, consider hiring a window installation professional.

If you don’t have building experience, avoid the pitfalls of DIY window insulation. A professional window company has access to the right tools, insulated glass, frames, and casings needed to create durable garden windows.

Gather referrals from your friends, family, and colleagues first. If your neighbors are undergoing construction, ask about their window company. You could even make a post in your neighborhood Facebook group.

A professional can help you choose the right spot for your window too. Garden windows work best above the kitchen sink or in your kitchen dining area. You could even install one in your living room to brighten up the area.

Let the Sunshine In!

Is your home or business feeling too dark and dreary for your taste? Uplift your space with the help of garden windows! Remember these tips and tricks as you decide on the right window solution.

Sunny windows are vital for design and health, but they’re just the start. Check back often to discover even more valuable life hacks.

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