Did you know that around 3.96 billion people use social media globally? Do you want to run a great banner ad but are unsure where to start?

Business owners make all kinds of mistakes when designing print and visual materials. Are you making any of these common banner mistakes?

From running banner ads that are too small to not researching the ink needed, making these simple mistakes can take the impact away from your design.

Here are six common custom banner mistakes artists make when designing a banner.

1. Misjudging the Right Size

custom banner

To avoid this, you should measure the space first and sketch out the size with a copy of the banner’s artwork. When considering size, consider the intended use space’s height, width, and length. It would be best if you also planned for foot traffic since a too-large banner can be intrusive in a crowded area.

2. Neglecting Your Brand Color Palette

Utilizing a single color palette or a range of colors readily identifiable as part of your brand. It ensures that your message and purpose are clear to potential viewers on the banner. It also helps ensure that all marketing materials are uniform across the web and social media platforms.

Clashing colors or usage of colors that have no purpose distract and confuse viewers. To effectively avoid this mistake, create a bold and memorable color palette that your customers can recognize.

3. Overlooking Readability for Text

Making sure the text on your banner is large enough to be easily viewed from a distance is essential. If the font size is too tiny, viewers may not be able to comprehend your message. Additionally, it is necessary to ensure the text on banners stands out against the background.

Too much text or colors can make the banner design look cluttered and messy, detracting from the overall message. Use contrasting colors for text and background, and experiment with font options.

4. Ignoring Banner Placement

banner design

Pay attention to where viewers’ eyes will naturally go when scrolling, and adjust the placement accordingly. Avoid banner blindness by making your banner stand out; ensure it has contrast compared to other elements, or even increase its size to draw attention. If you have an animation, leave enough time for viewers to notice the visuals before it ends.

5. Forget to Get Professional Assistance

A business using a custom banner for an important event or promotion must be done correctly. Without professional assistance, mistakes in spelling, design, and layout can occur, which can ruin the look and effectiveness of the banner. Getting help before the flag is printed is essential so that any mistakes can be caught and fixed.

6. Ignoring Image Quality

banner image

Poor-quality images can result in pixelated or blurred visual elements that look unprofessional and may even be less visible to viewers. To avoid this mistake, always choose pictures of the highest resolution that best fit the desired banner design.

Additionally, look for a banner image quality with ample space, no visible watermarks, and vibrant colors for the most effective final product.

Understanding Common Custom Banner Mistakes

This can be a great tool to help you get your message out, but there are some common custom banner mistakes you should be aware of and avoid. Make sure you always use a suitable material and size for your banner and avoid using small text or design elements that can be hard to read.

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