Looking for a heavy hitter? If your gummies, vapes, and pre-rolls no longer give you the relief you need, cannabis concentrates might be the answer to all your problems. The problem for most longtime cannabis users is that they build up a tolerance to THC and CBD.

That’s where concentrates come in. When you’re ready to learn how concentrates can help you reach the high you felt the first time you used marijuana, read on.

What Are Cannabis Concentrates Made From?

What Are Cannabis Concentrates Made From

Though marijuana concentrates come in a handful of varieties, most are derived from the trichomes covering the plant. These are the small crystals speckling the leaves and flowers. They’re tiny, sticky, and resemble frost crystals.

These trichomes contain a variety of cannabinoids, a group of chemicals unique to cannabis. Most notable is the psychoactive chemical, THC, which is most notably used for pain relief. CBD is also found among these chemicals, which many folks use to treat insomnia and chronic pain.


Unlike most types of concentrated cannabis oil, Shatter looks clear, like glass. The name comes from its fragile nature. When you tap the thin, clear sheet, it will shatter.

It’s a favorite of most high-quality dispensaries, like the folks over at www.harvesthoc.com, because of the potent effects and the classy gold color. It’s made from butane hash oil and left to cool until it reaches a slick, solid texture. Then the extracted cannabis oil is ready for use.



If you’ve seen beeswax candles, Cannabis Wax looks similar. It’s yellow-brown in color, but don’t let the color mislead you. It has little to do with the potency of the wax during your cannabis use. Bright yellow wax can be just as potent as dark brown wax.

Unfortunately, the Florida Supreme Court rejected another recreational marijuana initiative in 2021, so only those with a medical marijuana card can purchase cannabis concentrates. But don’t lose hope! 18 states have already legalized recreational marijuana, and more states join the bandwagon each year.


Also called Budder, this concentrate also comes in an amber color. It has the color and consistency of ordinary butter that you find in your local grocery’s dairy section. One of the benefits of cannabis in this form is that you can dab it on just like butter.


Another fan favorite is Rosin because of its lack of solvent residue. It has more terpenes and flavonoids than other forms of marijuana concentrates. It’s an excellent choice for those of you looking to add flavor to your next smoke break.



A crystalline form of THC or CBD resembles sea salt or coarse sugar crystals. But be forewarned. These crystals can have a potency of up to 99.9%!

What’s Next?

Now that you know the wide variety of cannabis concentrates on the market today, take a moment and see which best represents your needs. If you’re new to concentrates, a Rosin, Butter, or Wax might be right for you. If you’re looking for some heavy-hitting power, try Shatter or Crystalline.

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