Did you know that 10 percent of American adults are in recovery from addiction? Substance abuse is a worldwide epidemic that claims the lives of millions.

What tools are available for those in recovery?

Every recovering addict needs some level of treatment. For most, that includes in-patient treatment, solo therapy, and group therapy. They may also include out-patient services.

Of all the helpful activities, group therapy is one of the most beneficial. Here are some of the advantages of joining a therapy group for substance abusers.

1. New Perspectives

Group therapy consists of listening and sharing. You can hear other addicts talk about their struggles and triumphs.

There will sometimes be other users who have the same struggles as yourself. Hearing their perspective on addiction can be eye-opening. You might learn a new way of seeing your own journey.

Hearing about other experiences gives you a new outlook. It can make you realize your own strengths and weaknesses. It can reflect how your addiction looks and sounds to others.

2. Supportive Peers

Addiction can feel very isolating. You might feel guilt and shame for having this disease. It could prevent you from meeting new people and socializing.

Going to group therapy is a reason to interact with others. It gives you a reason to care about your appearance and impression.

Plus, being around others who share the same feelings is comforting. These are people that understand you; their support is genuine.

3. Controlled Conversation

Each group therapy session at Monmouth Rehab has a facilitator who has adequate training. They understand how to lead a discussion with control and compassion.

You might wonder if meeting up with some friends is the same as group therapy. It’s not, and the differentiation is the therapy leader.

The leader expertly guides the conversation. They ensure boundaries aren’t crossed and bad behavior not enabled or supported. They control the therapy environment for optimal healing and support.

4. Relearning Fun

As an addict, having fun used to mean using your substance of choice. As a sober person, you have to relearn how to have fun without using.

Group therapy isn’t always a circle of chairs and β€œI feel” statements. Sometimes it could be a night of bowling, a potluck, or even camping. There are lots of different settings group therapy can happen in.

The benefit of leaving the chair circle is you can have fun. It’s important to remember how fun and empowering it is to enjoy your time without drugs.

5. Witnessing Success

We all need role models to look up to. In group therapy, you can to witness your peers succeeding and getting sober. What better inspiration is there?

When you observe someone being strong, it inspires you. Witnessing success from someone with your problems shows that you can do it, too.

Group therapy is a chance to see how possible sobriety is. You can do it because they can do it.

Interested in Learning More About Group Therapy?

Group therapy is an amazing way to help you get sober. Addiction isn’t something that you can heal by yourself. You need a team of experts and a controlled support system.

In group therapy, you get support from people who actually get it. And, a trained facilitator keeps the conversation safe and helpful.

Getting sober is one of the best things you can do for your body. Drugs and alcohol can affect your appearance and internal functioning. Read here for more ways to take care of your body in 2019.

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