You’ve said “yes” to the proposal, but what happens next?

Every year, Americans spend an average of $25,000 on their dream wedding. Such a special day deserves this price tag!

But no matter how much you’re investing in your wedding, it’s important to choose the appropriate theme and style. The best wedding styles make for the most memorable celebrations, after all.

At a loss for ideas? We’ve got you covered. Keep reading for themes and ideas to use in your wedding!

1. Bohemian Vogue

Thinking about saying “I do” to a backdrop of dreamcatchers? If so, your ideal wedding style is bohemian vogue.

Bohemian weddings have a sumptuously casual vibe, while still remaining elegant. They often occur outdoors, but you can still be bohemian and get married in an art gallery

What wedding dress styles suit a bohemian wedding? Think long and flowy with an emphasis on lace and sleeves.

Don’t forget wildflowers, either. Deck out your banquet tables with local blooms for a rustic flair. Opt for mismatched decor and bridesmaids dresses, and make sure to string up some amber Edison bulbs!

2. Minimal Chic

Minimalism doesn’t only apply to architecture. Minimalist weddings are a whole new type of chic, complete with modern decor, metallic palettes, and lots and lots of glass.

Minimalist weddings occur best in industrial, urban settings, such as warehouses or city lofts. The best thing about these weddings? Less is always more!

Minimalist wedding dress styles are an elegantly simple asset for showcasing urban decor. Emphasize lights in your wedding decor and seek out classic wedding hairstyles.

3. Party Time

Amp up the celebration factor with this wedding theme, which is all about partying! Decorate your venue with colorful helium balloons, and set up vases of vibrant flowers on your banquet tables.

Glitter and confetti are a good option here, as are loud, expressive wedding dress styles. For added whimsy, festoon your reception hall with ribbon streamers. The bolder the palette, the better!

4. Vintage

Send your guests back to another era with a vintage wedding vibe. Choose a decade that intrigues you, such as the Roaring 20s or the demure 40s. 

For example, if you opt for a Great Gatsby-esque wedding, decorate your tables with peacock feathers and palm fronds. A 70s-era wedding may be all about crushed velvet and sunflowers.

Vintage wedding photos can look particularly stunning in Heritage Wedding Photo Albums.

Vintage weddings often involve a lot of custom work, especially when it comes to wedding dresses. Keep this in mind as you plan.

5. Fairy Tale

If you’re a dreamy romantic, a fairy tale wedding is in your future. This theme emphasizes the grand and the elegant, and it may even involve a horse-drawn carriage!

Prioritize ballgown wedding dress styles, luxurious hairstyles, and jaw-dropping bouquets. Choose a soft, romantic palette, preferably one consisting of pale pinks, creams, blues, and yellows.

If you’re holding your fairy tale wedding outdoors, decorate your reception space with endless arrays of candles and lanterns. 

Final Thoughts: Top Wedding Styles 

These are only a few wedding styles likely to impress your guests. What happens next?

It’s always important to keep up with the latest wedding trends as you plan your big day. Check out our blog for more on planning the perfect wedding day!

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