Whether you’re getting married on the sandy beaches of Hawaii or in the lush green gardens of a Renaissance-era grand hotel, planning a destination wedding can be really exciting. Allure Bridal believes that destination weddings require the perfect gown that not only suits your style but also the wedding destination.

No matter where you have your wedding, it is important to pick out a dress that perfectly suits the climate, the theme, and the venue. Let’s look at some of the styles appropriate for different destination weddings.

What Styles to Consider for the Perfect Destination Wedding?

A Grand Castle and Lush Lawns

banger show-stopper wedding dress

Grand castle venues demand a banger show-stopper dress as you take your first steps down the hall that is steeped in grandeur and history. The wedding atmosphere at a grand castle wedding exudes luxury, and the dress should represent that.

Huge flowing skirts, long trails, veils touching the floor, and intricate lace designs are the perfect characteristics of a grand castle wedding. Remember, many people invited to such a wedding will be in awe of the venue and the ambiance. You don’t want the venue to overshadow your dress and steal your thunder. Go grand with the dress!

Arabian-inspired Wedding

Arabian-inspired wedding dress

You might want to get married in an exotic land, such as Egypt, Dubai, or anywhere else in the Middle East. The climate here is much different than what you would expect at the beautiful Spanish beaches.

Your Arabian-inspired wedding dress should be alluring but mysterious, and it should make you feel glamorous. Take inspiration from traditional Egyptian clothes and keep the changing climate in mind.

The Middle East is extremely hot during the day and can get chilly during the evenings into the night. Gold-inspired embellishments, powerful high necklines, and Morrocan waistlines will have all eyes on you on your big day!

A Mediterranean Wedding

Mediterranean Wedding

Ah, picture yourself in one of Tuscany’s finest courtyards. Or reading your vows on the marbled steps of Rome. We recommend sticking to the local customs and traditions for Mediterranean weddings in Tuscany, such as the plunging necklines, the local rich fabrics covered in lace and embroidery, and the highly accentuated waists.

For other places in the Mediterranean, stick to their tradition as well. For example, in Rome, you can’t have a wedding dress without a silhouette dress with intricate bust details and long trailing skirts.

Festival Wedding

Festival Wedding

These weddings are ideal for those who want to have a carefree wedding while remaining elegant. Festival weddings provide a lot of freedom to the bride by bringing in floral crowns, local musicians or bands, and blankets in the garden. It’s got all the laidback vibes you can think of.

Light lace and flowing skirts on a Bohemian-inspired wedding gown are perfect for festival weddings. You can customize the dress with quirky styles and anything else that comes to your imagination.

Destination weddings are a dream of many, and a wedding gown to match the destination and theme will truly make you the star of the event. But before that, make sure you order your dress in advance as it can take up to 8 months to make a wedding gown and some more time for alterations and accessories.

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