The average American wedding costs around $30,000.

When spending this much money, the pressure to have a perfect day can feel overwhelming.

A good piece of advice is to ensure your day truly reflects you and your partner. If you truly want people to really remember your wedding, make it a little different.

One of the best ways to do this is to serve delicious food that you love. Read on for some unique wedding catering ideas.

1. All Vegan Wedding Breakfast

Are you a lover of animals? Then why not serve a delicious vegan wedding breakfast?

Nowadays, more people are becoming eco-conscious and are interested in animal welfare. If this includes you, then why not use your wedding as a way to show your guests that vegan food is delicious?

Better yet, vegan or vegetarian food can be a lot cheaper than serving meat. Hopefully, this will help you save a little money too!

2. Outdoor Pizza Oven

If you’re planning on having an informal wedding day, why not serve pizza throughout the day and night? Bulk pizza ingredients make for an affordable wedding meal. Just make sure you have lots of delicious toppings too.

Another benefit of an all you can eat pizza buffet is that you can guarantee your guests won’t go hungry! Better yet, full stomachs reduce the number of people getting a little too drunk before your first dance begins.

3. Serve Cake Canapés

Do you love European customs? Then why not try out an interesting yet very unusual catering option inspired by a Danish tradition?

In Denmark, couples serve their wedding cake after their ceremony! This way, guests can truly enjoy the delicious flavors you’ve chosen and don’t have to wait until midnight to sample your expensive wedding cake.

4. Barbecues Go Down a Treat

Did you meet your loved one at a barbecue? Or do you simply think grilled food is delicious? Then, a barbecue is the perfect choice for your wedding day.

Hickory Hanks provides delicious catered food. They bring their grill to your wedding and cook in front of your guests. You can guarantee that your friends and family will be talking about this delicious barbecue food for years to come!

Better yet, this is a catering option that can meet any price point!

5. Sharing Platters

Are you worried about your seating plan? Do you have nightmares about your guests sitting silently around their table? Then a sharing platter is the best solution for you!

You can guarantee that it won’t take long for your guests to move from “Could you pass the mushroom pâté” to “What do you do for a living?”

Furthermore, you may not have considered a family dinner style sharing platter. This works by assigning the task of carving up the meat to one person while another has the task of serving!

6. All You Can Eat Curry

Who doesn’t love curry? By providing guests with just three curry choices and rice, you’ll ensure everyone is very well fed!

However, you may also want to consider serving a few sides too. Consider adding naan bread, samosas, bhajis, Bombay potatoes, cucumber raita, peanuts, dhal, chutney and a range of sauces to your sidebar.

This catering option can be extremely cost-effective and so tasty. If you love the food you’re serving, guests will definitely love it too.

Just make sure you provide guests with napkins and plenty of alternative milk if you serve a super spicy option!

7. Keep it Casual with a Baked Potato Bar

Do you want a low-key meal which can be modified to everyone’s dietary requirements? Then baked potatoes are a great option.

The potato can be cooked on-site and is a very easy alternative to a formal sit down meal. Make sure there are many delicious toppings from beans and cheese to avocado and cream.

You can either hire a catering company to serve the potatoes to everyone or simply have guests prepare their own potatoes!

Wedding Catering Ideas Don’t Have to be Boring

Forget the limited options of chicken, beef, fish or a miscellaneous vegetarian option and instead serve something which expresses who you are!

Hopefully, this list of wedding catering ideas has inspired you. If you’re still at a loss for what to serve, simply consider dishing up your favorite meal. This will mean more to your guests than if you give them a tiny portion of expensive, fancy food.

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