Are you looking to tie the knot soon? Are you considering having your wedding ceremony onboard a boat? Then you need to cover different areas to ensure the success of your once-in-a-lifetime event.

Boat or yacht weddings do not only involve the actual wedding boat rental. There are many factors you need to consider in the planning and execution stages.

Though there are about 2.3 million couples in the United States who wed every year, there are only a few who choose boat rental weddings. Nevertheless, boat weddings remain appealing.

They add a unique character and appeal to the momentous occasion. But how can you ensure a stress-free wedding day?

Continue reading below for some valuable tips on boat weddings.

1. Check the Legalities

One of the first things to consider is the legality of your boat ceremony. Most of the time, open-water ceremonies are only symbolic. You must first secure a courthouse wedding.

Hence, ask about the legalities of your boat wedding. Also, it is best to bring your own officiating minister.

2. Book Early

Ensuring a stress-free day starts as early as the booking stage. Thus, consider booking early. There are seasons when boat weddings peak, and you don’t want to run out of available dates on the calendar.

Also, consider the weather and season when choosing a date. Additionally, keep watch of holiday surcharges.

3. Pick a Good Itinerary

When searching for a good wedding boat rental, always go for a good cruise length. This means going for an itinerary that doesn’t rush you into things but also doesn’t take too long for you and your guests.

If you plan to go on a cruise wedding, four to seven days should be enough for you and your guests.

4. A Small Guest List

And speaking of your guests, consider limiting your guest list. Sure, your wedding is an event you wish to share with everyone dear to you. But your wedding boat can only accommodate a limited number of passengers.

And even if you get to rent a huge boat, management will split your guests between floors. That will be a lot of hassle, especially if the dance floor or dining area is far from where they sit. And the more guests you have, the smaller room to decorate the boat.

5. Accessibility Matters

You also need to consider the accessibility of your boat. You may have guests who have mobility concerns. These are your guests who may have disabilities or are too old to walk.

Thus, check if the boat comes with wheelchair accessibility.

Unfortunately, some boats have winding staircases. Others come with narrow corridors that are not big enough for wheelchairs to pass.

6. A Boat that Suits You

Since the wedding is about you and your significant other, you need to consider a boat that suits your style. Not all boats and cruise ships are the same. Hence, find one that matches your style.

Pick one that meets your requirements in terms of entertainment, amenities, and dining. If you want something that offers the whole package, a big carnival cruise ship is what you want.

If you want a more intimate experience, but also something that comes with all the works, a party yacht should do the trick.

7. Pick the Right Theme

Another important factor to work on is the theme of your wedding. Since the boat will serve as your venue, you want to determine if you can incorporate your theme into the boat.

Check if it has ample room for all your decorations. Does it have enough space for you to put flowers in key areas? Will they allow you to install adornments of all sorts?

8. Consider Your Budget

Searching for a boat rental for your wedding is incomplete without having a budget. This depends on how extravagant you want your boat wedding to be. An elegant sit-down reception setup will cost you more.

The type of menu can also jack up the prices. Whatever your choice is, make sure it is within your budget. And if you have to go over it, make sure it is well within range.

You wouldn’t want to overspend and end up in a deep debt hole after your wedding, would you?

9. Look Into the Extra Fees

Be sure to look into the extra fees that come with the wedding boat rental. Certain factors like permitting fees, fueling, and docking may add up and surprise you.

Also, if you decide to stay on the boat a little longer, ask how much the fees will be.

10. Proper Attire Counts

Since a boat wedding exposes you and your guests to outdoor elements, it is crucial to wear the proper attire. Instead of wearing short dresses, you want your guests to wear pants.

The rule of thumb for your dress code is something that can stand up to the water and wind.

11. Mind the Guest Accommodations

As for your guests, you want to iron out their accommodations. Apart from ensuring access and mobility, consider docking the boat after dinner. This will allow your guests to disembark in case they don’t have plans of staying late in the boat.

Also, designate a spot where guests can get some fresh air in case they experience seasickness. Fill it up with saltine crackers and some motion sickness medicines.

12. Mind the Picture-Taking

Though the boat gives you breathtaking views as a backdrop for your wedding photos, it doesn’t guarantee ample room to accommodate everyone. Keep in mind that your priority is the photos of you and your family.

Taking group photos is a wise alternative in case the boat only has a small area for photo ops.

13. Avoid Large Items

In connection with the boat’s area, avoid bringing large items to your wedding. Do away with the photo booth and hire a photographer instead. Say goodbye to that detailed dessert table too.

14. Bad Weather Contingency

Even if you scheduled your wedding day on a dry season, you can never be too sure that the weather will cooperate. Hence, you need to establish a contingency plan in case of bad weather.

Designate a covered space where you can send your guests in case it rains. You may also consider renting a nearby pavilion to transfer your guests.

15. Safety Is Paramount

Last but not least, the safety of everyone is non-negotiable. Apart from providing seasickness medicines, make sure there are enough life vests. Boat wedding accidents can happen anytime, so safety is paramount.

Go Beyond Wedding Boat Rental Tips

With these wedding boat rental tips, you can turn your dreams of a stress-free wedding day into a reality. However, you should not stop there.

Learn more about wedding preparations by checking out our other blog posts. We discuss other topics that will help you prepare for that big day, as well as other important occasions.

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