Internet advertising is an incredibly powerful tool. Despite the COVID era, its revenue continues to grow. Considering how adaptable and flexible internet advertising is, it’s not a huge surprise.

So, how do you take advantage of the growth and create effective online advertising campaigns?

Below are some banner ideas that generate clicks on any website banner. Read on!

Discounts and Promotional Banners

Promotional Banners

Create an eye-catching banner that has a promo code, percentage-off, or seasonal information. Make sure to include a link that directs the user to a page that explains the details of the promotion and take advantage of special fonts and colors to make your promotion stand out.

You can also add social media share buttons on your banner so that users can share the offer with their friends and family. Additionally, consider running A/B split testing on your banner so that you can optimize it for maximum clicks and engagement.

Eye-Catching Graphics

A good website banner design captures the attention of the viewer, motivating them to click and learn more. Careful consideration should be given to the size and format of the graphics, as larger images are more visible and stand out more, while small images can be more subtle.

Colorful graphics can grab the attention of the users while blending in with website design. The banner on the website should be clear, concise, legible, and interesting, with a compelling call to action. Creative fonts and diverse graphics can make the ad compelling, attracting clicks and bringing more visitors to the website.

Call-to-Action Banners


These banners feature persuasive and engaging visual and text messages that motivate site visitors to take action. Your banner template should have a strong headline, stand out in comparison to other ads, and be placed prominently on the homepage.

They should include an eye-catching image, which should be relevant to the message of the banner and the overall website. Also, including a sense of urgency can increase the likelihood of clicks being generated for the website.

Product Showcase

If the website features an array of different products, the company logo or a unique attention-grabbing graphic can be used to create a more memorable impression. A well-produced banner ad can feature:

  • Visuals of the product
  • Service on offer
  • Attention-grabbing title
  • Concise features and benefits

Make sure to include an incentive for viewers to click. This can include limited-time offers and free trials.

Interactive Banners

Interactive Banners

Interactive banners are a great way to grab attention, stand out from the competition, and get clicks to homepages. Ads that feature dynamic elements, like rollovers, often outperform non-interactive ads. When trying to think of ideas for interactive banner ads, consider the needs of the user.

Ask yourself what features would make the user’s experience more enjoyable. Some ideas may include discount codes, interactive games, surveys, or a variety of other options. You may also want to experiment with targeting different demographics, as this can open up a whole new world of ad possibilities.

Create a Website Banner Today

Ads for homepage website banner ideas that generate clicks can provide an additional marketing tool for businesses. With the right audience and great visuals, businesses can easily draw clicks to their homepages and increase their customer base.

Try it today and see what results you can achieve with a website banner!

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