Electric Sun Tanning

Electric Sun Tanning – Is It Safe?

Generally, electric tanning uses ultraviolet (UV) radiation that darkens the skin color.

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How Long Does Electric Tanning Last?

How long electric tanning lasts depends on the tanning bed the electric sun tanning salon uses.

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Tips For Make Your Tan Lasts Longer

1. Prepare Your Skin  2. Avoid Tight Cloth  3. Do Not Exfoliate Skin  4. Stay Away from Moisturizer

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Benefits of Electric Sun Tanning

1. Vitamin D3  2. Improve Your Mood  3. Improve the Look

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Risk of Electric Sun Tanning

1. Cancer Risk  2. Premature Aging  3. Eye Damage  4. Allergic Reaction  5. Skin Burn  6. Makes Stretch Marks Noticeable

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