The We Love USA PAC, an independent expenditure committee registered to CPA Nancy Watkins at 610 South Blvd. in Tampa — along with 32 other active political committees — spent another $11,628 Monday in media production and placement in support of  Allen West, the Republican challenger in Florida’s 22nd congressional district. That spending puts the political action committee’s total expenditures at $108,691 for this election cycle.

The group has sent out mailers featuring a black-and-white photo of a Great Depression-era soup line forming in front of a window that reads “Obama, Klein & Pelosi Inc.” The headline on the mailer is “Ron Klein is bankrupting our country and wrecking our economy.” The group also has a mobile billboard of Pelosi controlling Klein with puppet strings, reading “Ron Klein votes with Pelosi 98% of the time.”

The mailer:

The group’s mission statement is quite long. It describes itself as such: “The great cliché that ‘your vote matters’ is true, but not necessarily always effective. The contributors of this PAC want to convince voters to vote against those candidates that are on the left and are abetting an administration that is ushering us into socialism.” It goes on to praise President Bill Clinton for welfare reform and NAFTA, saying, “These were two bills that he has always claimed as his most important accomplishments. Rest assured Hillary was not happy about that.”

The mission statement even calls President Obama unpatriotic:

This election cycle is much different. You are either with us or against us! President Obama is an ideologue, he does what he says. He wants a socialist country. This is not a “right wing” talking point; he has been very clear with this direction through his leadership and appointees. One of his first acts was to send a statute of Churchill back to the Queen. If it was not for Churchill, the Nazis could be in power for the few of us that would still be alive today. Unlike most socialist (sic) such as Castro and Chavez, Obama is different. Communist and Socialist leaders love their country and think their people are superior to others. Obama and the left in this country detest America and much of what we stand for. They do not love our country and wish to reshape it in the way they see best.

The group was formed on Sept. 22 as an independent-expenditure-only PAC, meaning that it does have to disclose its donors every quarter. In its October quarterly statement, $50,000 out of the $82,050 raised by the group in that period came from Renee Kaufman of Schenectady, N.Y. Kaufman and her husband own property in Lighthouse Point, Fla., in the 22nd district. Her husband, Daniel Kaufman, owns Deerfield Beach-based Reagan Wireless.

Luke Johnson reports on Florida for The American Independent.

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