If travel is a big part of your identity, congratulations — you’re doing what most people only dream of.

However, travelers often feel that their quantity of travel holds them back from doing other things that they desire to do. Many travelers, for instance, desire to read the Bible while traveling but feel that traveling ruins their schedule and ability to do so.

In this article, we’ll go through seven ways a regular traveler can efficiently read the Bible while traveling.

1. Leverage a Bible Reading Plan


The best way to read the Bible while traveling efficiently, without a doubt, is by using a Bible reading plan. There exist many different plans that list all of the chapters you’ll need to read every day to make it all through the Bible in a year. The best Bible reading plans are simple and easy to manage even while traveling.

2. Start with the Gospels

Many folks choose to read through the Bible in the standard order that starts with Genesis and ends with Revelation. However, starting with the gospels instead can give you a unique perspective on the biblical message, and allow you to uncover that much more when you read the Old Testament.

3. Read Old to New

The converse, however, remains true. Starting from the Old Testament and reading through to the New Testament allows you to see the progression of God’s message to His people. This is the order in which the Bible is laid out already, making this a simple and easy choice.

4. Look Through Paul’s Epistles

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Instead of reading all the way through the Bible, consider instead just using Bible study worksheets to focus on a select few books. Paul’s epistles are a great candidate for this kind of Bible study, as they offer a lot of practical advice that isn’t the case with some of the other books in the Bible.

5. Understand the Prophets

The most often skipped part of the Bible is the books written by the prophets. As they are harder to understand and have a less obvious meaning, they get forgotten by even the most earnest reader. Take some time to understand that which many others have ignored.

6. Use a Bible Study App

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Much like a Bible reading plan, the right study app will provide you with a bite-sized portion to read every day. Best of all, the app will automatically get you the text for you to read every day, minimizing the time that you have to take to pick and choose what to read and how much to read. This is a great way to read through the Bible with maximum efficiency.

7. Memorize Verse

Instead of simply read the Bible while traveling, try taking a step back and committing some verses to heart. By taking 15-20 minutes every day to learn 5 new verses, you’ll easily be able to commit a considerable volume of the Bible to memory in just a year.

Efficient Ways to Read the Bible While Traveling

Now that you know how to read through the Bible, it’s time for you to put it into practice! As long as you set aside time every day to read the Bible, you’ll definitely be able to get through the Bible. The only struggle is winning the fight to make that time.

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