There are so many ways we can make ourselves feel better and healthier. Even better, there are so many ways to do so naturally. After all, we all want to feel better and healthier when we’re not feeling so hot, right? Everyone wants to feel healthy. But why do people want to feel better and healthier?

  • A healthy person can genuinely improve their mental health simply by being physically healthy.
  • A healthy person can be more active than someone who is not healthy.
  • A person with health issues may not have the same mobility as a healthy person.
  • Healthy people genuinely feel better all the way around.

So, what are some ways to stay healthy naturally and feel better?

Here Are Some Ways To Help You Naturally Feel Better And Healthier

1. Self-Care

Self-care is so important! Without self-care, a person is at risk for deteriorating mental health. Neglecting one’s self only makes things worse. What are some ways to keep up with self-care?

  • Face masks
  • Trip to the spa
  • Pedicure
  • Manicure
  • Journaling
  • Gaming
  • Yoga
  • Swimming
  • Stretching
  • Working out
  • Social media day off
  • Try something new
  • Dance it out
  • R&R
  • Lighten your stress-load
  • Meditating

There are plenty of others, but these are just a few things to give you some ideas. Lightening your stress load can also help you feel better and healthier naturally because stress is not healthy. Therefore, lightening your stress load is the best course of action in any situation. Is there something you can think of that isn’t on this list? What is it?

2. Work Out

outdoor workout

Working out is a very important way for you to feel better and healthier. Now, before the internet became a thing, the only way to work out was either having the equipment in your home, or you had to go to the gym and work out. That is unless all you wanted to do was run, jog, walk, or do anything not involving machinery of any sort (ex. Weights and stationary bikes).

In which case, then you could work out at home. But what if someone had kids then? That would make it harder, no? Now, you can work out from home with or without equipment because of access to the internet. There are hundreds of workouts available online as well as accessible on your mobile device these days. That’s the beauty of technology in this day and age. Awesome, right?

3. Mental Health Check-Ins

Mental Healthcare Services

Mental health is just as important as physical health. As a matter of fact, the two go hand in hand. Checking in with your mental health, whether with a therapist or yourself, is extremely important. Without good mental health everything else begins to decrease.

Your mood, your desire to do things, your smile goes away, you do not want to get off the couch to be active and a lot of times people want to just sit on the couch all day, do nothing, and eat junk food.

All of these happen when you do not keep up with your mental health. On the plus side, doing mental health check-ins will help you feel better and keep doing all the good things like being in a good mood, wanting to do things, being active, smiling, and eating healthy.

4. Natural Supplement Intake

Natural supplements are great for staying healthy and making you feel better! For example, CBD oil for anxiety (does CBD oil expire?), melatonin for sleep, best energy supplements, garcinia Cambogia for weight and metabolism, etc. They’re all made for different issues that can be fixed, and you can still feel good because they’re natural and meant to keep you healthy and happy.

5. Essential Oils

Essential oils are used for a wide variety of things. Bug bites and stings, nausea, cleaning up gross things (like if you have a child that throws up, for example), adding a nice scent to a room, helping people relax, helping people breathe when they’re stuffed up and sick, the list goes on.

All of these things can be helped with a little bit of essential oil. Lavender for anxiety, tea tree to repel head lice, eucalyptus for when you’re sick and stuffed up, camphor for bug bites or stings, etc. There is also usually other advice online for how to use said oils properly because if used wrong in any way (too much, for example), you could end up very sick and no one wants that.

6. Healthy Foods

While we all know that there are healthy foods at the grocery store, not everyone chooses those over the not-so-healthy stuff. In fact, almost 40% of people choose to eat fast food on a day-to-day basis versus getting food from the grocery store.

The other option we have is to grow our own foods in the backyard, on a balcony, or on a back porch depending on where you live. While you wouldn’t be able to grow everything, you can grow some of what you enjoy the most. This way, you’re getting healthy foods without paying what is said to be expensive prices for healthy food items. Eat healthily, be healthy. It is that simple!

7. Peace Of Mind

To have peace of mind is to have stable mental health within a person. Think about it this way, if you have a headache, do you have peace of mind? No. Of course not. However, if there is no headache because you gave yourself time to relax, that means you aren’t having any issues and can have peace of mind.

8. Sleep, But Not Too Much!

Sleep is a very important aspect to remain healthy. If you do not get enough sleep, you could leave yourself susceptible to illness. Too much sleep, however, can leave you feeling groggy and like you didn’t sleep at all.

9. Caffeine Intake

Believe it or not, caffeine is healthy for you in moderation. This does not mean drinking 6 cans of soda a day or anything. It just means that the occasional soda or coffee is actually good for you caffeine-wise.

10. Drink Water


Drinking water is of the utmost importance to maintaining our health physically. Without water, people die. Staying hydrated keeps you from getting badly sick (heatstroke for example), passing out in the heat, getting lightheaded, feeling nauseous, and if you’re pregnant it keeps you from going into labor too early.

11. No Unhealthy Habits

Having unhealthy habits will not give you the good health you wish for. What are unhealthy habits?

  • Smoking
  • Drinking
  • Drugs
  • Biting nails
  • Staying up all night
  • Skipping meals
  • Too little sleep
  • Too much sleep

12. Yoga

Not only is yoga optimal for self-care, but it is also a great way to connect your mind and your body. There are so many yoga poses, that it is hard not to find something that works for you. The best part I that, you do not have to go to the local studio because of the internet if you do not want to. You can, instead, put a video on your television and do yoga that way with Glo online yoga.

13. Meditation

Meditation, like yoga, connects your mind and body, but it also connects your spirit as well. To many, connecting the mind, body, and spirit are highly important for religious reasons. They are also important to feel better and healthier.

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