Many people worry about the expenses around alcohol or drug rehab when searching for treatment programs. This worry should never deter you from seeking life-saving addiction treatment, however. Luckily, there are several options that can help with financing during this critical time. Some of these options are offered by rehab centers themselves, and others are through other means. It is important to remember that addiction treatment and recovery are always worth it. Here are 7 ways to make rehab more affordable.

How To Make Rehab More Affordable

1. Health Insurance Plans

types of health insurance

“Some health insurance plans include addiction treatment. As a result, if you have health insurance then you should look into your plan’s policy on substance abuse treatment.”, says Mat Gorman, CEO at Nova Recovery Center. You may be able to get some, or even all,  of the payments, covered. If your health insurance plan does not include addiction treatment, or if you do not have health insurance,  do not worry. There are several other options for making rehab more affordable that you may be able to qualify for.

2. Medicare and Medicaid

Medicare is a  healthcare program for those who are aged 65 and older and those with disabilities. Meanwhile, Medicaid is a program for people with a limited income. they both help in making rehab more affordable. If you have Medicare or Medicaid, then you may be eligible for assistance with paying for addiction treatment. You can find out if you apply for assistance with addiction treatment fees by looking into what your medicare or Medicaid plan offers.

3. State-Run Rehab Centers

Some states in the US have rehab centers that receive state funding. As a result, these facilities offer free or much more affordable care to alcohol and drug addicts seeking treatment. they are playing a huge role in making the rehab more affordable. Knowing if your state has these programs is crucial because they can offer not only free or affordable treatment but also a safe place to undergo an alcohol or drug detox. Knowing this information before a detox can minimize risk, especially for drug detoxes that may require emergency care.

4. Payment Plans

Payment Plans

Many rehab centers understand that treatment can be expensive, and they also know that most people can’t pay their prices upfront. As a result, many programs have established ways to make their treatment more affordable. One of these methods is payment plans. This allows recovering addicts to pay their treatment costs in much smaller and more affordable installments. This makes paying for addiction treatment much more affordable for the average person.

5. Fees on a Sliding Scale

In addition to payment plans, many rehab centers also include a sliding scale for payments. This means that the price for treatment goes off of the patient’s annual income. Those with higher-paying jobs pay more, and those with lower-paying jobs pay less. This makes addiction treatment much more accessible to households of all income brackets, especially for those that work minimum wage or are unemployed.

6. Get a Scholarship

In addition to offering payment plans and pricing based on annual income, some rehab programs also offer scholarships to some of their patients. So, getting one of these will make rehab more affordable. In these scholarships, the center will pay for some, or all, of the required fees. To find out if a rehab center offers a scholarship that you qualify for, do your research on their website to see if they have one that you meet the requirements for. These scholarships are designed to make an addiction treatment and recovery more accessible for everyone.

7. Get a Loan

Get a Loan

The final option for making alcohol and drug rehab more affordable is to get a loan. This could be from a close friend or family member. This also includes receiving a loan from a company or bank. Although this could be a good option for paying addiction treatment fees, getting a loan should be viewed as a last resort. In addition to this, getting a loan along with another payment method on this list will minimize debt risk. However, you should get a loan if you need one to receive the addiction treatment that you require.


Paying for rehab can be a very stressful prospect for many addicts wishing to receive addiction treatment. Luckily, there are several options available that could make your addiction treatment and recovery more affordable. These include having a health insurance plan and going to a state-funded rehab center. In addition to this, many alcohol and drug rehab programs also offer payment plans, pricing based on annual income, and scholarships for qualifying individuals, which make addiction treatment much more affordable. The final option is to get a loan from someone you know or from a bank or company. Although this could help with financing, getting a loan should be seen as a last resort.  If you need to get a loan, seeking financial help through one of the other options on this list along with receiving a loan can greatly help with minimizing the risk of lasting debt.

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