Beard grooming is both an art and a science, but some standard care techniques will help keep it in the best shape. Read on to find seven (7) ways to clean up your beard.

Beard Cleaning Tips

Way #1 To Clean Up Your Beard: Use A Straight Razor

bearded man using straight razor

Granted, using a straight razor may take some practice. It requires a steady hand, but doing so helps promote healthier skin by gently exfoliating it and reduces the risk of ingrown hairs, razor burns, and razor bumps. A properly made straight razor will be cheaper in the long run too. Instead of having to purchase multiple-bladed razors, buy one and keep it sharp; it can last you longer than an entire package.

Way #2 To Clean Up Your Beard: Shampoo & Condition Your Beard

How do you properly clean your beard? Shampooing your beard at least weekly is crucial; it removes oil, dirt, sweat, and grime from beard hair. If it gets dirty more often, consider shampooing it more. But don’t use the same stuff that goes on in your head. Find a beard shampoo that works with your hair and skin type.

If you get a buildup of dead skin cells, you may need to use a special antidandruff shampoo, which helps to clear them away.

After washing the beard, use a “coarse hair” condition. Look for one that both softens the skin and contains moisturizers. However, you’ll have to let the conditioner sit on your face before rinsing.

Note: you can “overwash” your beard. If you find that your skin underneath the beard starts to become dry, you might want to try another way of cleaning it, which brings us to our next point.

Way #3 To Clean Up Your Beard: Dye It

Choosing a safe beard-dyeing method is best. Dyes meant for the hair may not be appropriate for the beard, as they may be harsh for the more sensitive facial skin. Consider color, dye, and application methods when you dye the beard. Natural hair has tone changes that dyes may not be able to match. Coloring hair gives it a consistent, bold hue. Properly choosing dye colors may be able to provide stunning effects. Another consideration is whether you want to do it at home or go to a hairdresser. Choosing the right beard dye color and tint is crucial. You may seem odd if you don’t match your beard and hair colors. Dye type also affects how it turns out. Facial hair is coarser, rougher, dryer, and toucher than other hair, so they absorb less color and have subdued hues, so choose color-preserving formulas. After washing, wash and condition to set. If the coloring starts to fade, touch it up (vs. redyeing the entire beard).

Way #4 To Clean Up Your Beard: Remove Stains

Beards can pick up food, smoke, dirt, and grime stains. A baking soda paste made with warm water applied to the beard and let set for thirty (30) minutes before being rinsed off can help eliminate them.

Way #5 To Clean Up Your Beard: Moisturize

Man Moisturizing his beard

There are several reasons to use face and hair moisturizers. It helps to prevent itchy and dry skin, but be careful not to over moisturize, as it may cause acne or other skin issues from greasy skin or hair.

Another way of moisturizing is to apply beard oil, which helps softens thick beard hair, which may feel tough without it. Find one that fits your budget and taste. Apply after showering and washing your beard. Before going to bed, wash it out.

Way #6 To Clean Up Your Beard: Shape Your Beard

Shaping your beard is just as important to its appearance as cleaning it. To retain lines, style, and design, use a clean, sharp razor, washing both face and beard beforehand. Work at it daily, shaving ingrown hairs using your razor to keep it in the best shape. Working at it daily will be less work than if you were to do it weekly. The best way to shape the beard is to trim your dry beard using scissors or a trimmer. Untrimmed beards are more challenging to clean. Remember to try a cordless trimmer so you can move it quickly as opposed to having to work around a cord.

Way #7 To Clean Up Your Beard: Brush & Comb Your Beard

man brushing his beard

Brushing and combing your beard is a way of cleaning your beard without necessarily having to wash it. Think of combing your beard like you would your hair. It should be styled. Speaking of combing and brushing your beard, if it’s quite long, you may want to think about parting, braiding, or decorating it.

You should also comb your beard after trimming it with a “beard comb” in the same direction; doing so helps eliminate dead and loose hair and improves its look. By eliminating dead and loose hair, you’ll have a healthier beard.

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