Life is full of highs and lows, but perhaps one of the most painful realities is dealing with a breakup. Depending on the circumstances surrounding a breakup and how long you were with someone, breaking up can be either a huge relief or a big headache that takes months to recover from.

Either way, one of the hardest parts of accepting a breakup is coming to terms with the fact that the person with who you likely communicated the most is no longer there, and so it can feel like there’s a void to fill.

There’s no set way to deal with a breakup and there isn’t a timeframe you should get over things, either. That being said, there are a few ways you can distract yourself and begin the process of healing – even if they do only make you feel better for a short while.

1. Have a clear-out

One of the reasons people find it hard to get over a relationship is because they’re surrounded by things that remind them of that person. Clearing out someone’s belongings can be a difficult step and one that some people might have to build up to, but when it comes down to it, getting rid of someone else’s possessions and things that remind you of them is a huge step towards moving on and bouncing back. This means taking down photos and handing their things back. This is a form of closure and will allow you to reclaim your space for yourself and hopefully begin to accept what’s happened and start moving forward.

Have a clear out

2. Remove them digitally

In the age of social media and mobile phones, it’s not just photos and physical possessions that you need to think about getting rid of. Most people at some point or other have spent a considerable amount of time pouring over their phone’s photo album and stalking their ex on social media. This is potentially one of the most harmful things you can put yourself through following a breakup, but there are only two ways to avoid it. Either promise yourself not to look, or hide/delete the photos and delete them from your social media. That way, you can’t focus on the past or what they’re doing now, and you can instead be more present in your own life and channel that energy into self-care.

3. Find a new hobby

As mentioned, a lot of people struggle with the void in their life that’s left after a person leaves following a breakup, and they tend to find themselves with lots of free time. Rather than sitting and overthinking, distract yourself with a new hobby. Whether you take up something completely out of the blue for you like surfing or pottery, or if you and a friend try something new together like dancing lessons, throw yourself into a new challenge and keep your mind from going back to a painful place.

Find a new hobby

4. Look after yourself

It’s completely acceptable to eat a lot of ice cream and veg out on the sofa in the weeks after a breakup, but there comes a time when you need to start looking after yourself again. You can do this in several ways, including eating a healthy diet, socializing more, and doing the things that make you happy.

5. Experiment with yourself

Experiment with yourself

Once you’ve begun looking after yourself again, you might even consider reinventing yourself to some extent. A lot of people find that they lose themselves a bit after a breakup, or that they weren’t able to fully be themselves during their relationship. A way around this is to take the time to experiment. Whether you do that in the way of dyeing your hair, trying a new clothing style, or completely overhauling yourself by buying the best home gym equipment with a view to losing weight, it’s up to you how you do it, but definitely take the time to experiment with yourself and focus on yourself.


Of course, these five tips won’t magically erase the pain of a breakup, but hopefully, they give you some food for thought if you’re going through a tough time and are looking for a way to try and bounce back from it. Whatever you choose to do, remember that your feelings right now are only temporary and that you will get through it.

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