What is a wellness factor? It’s an informal measure people use to determine how they feel on a one-to-ten scale. The measurement has nothing to do with doctors, science, or medicine. Instead, it’s purely subjective. Only you know what your particular number is at any given time. If you find yourself reporting a lot of sub-five scores whenever you remember to check your wellness factor, consider trying some of the following strategies for boosting your scores.

Here are some Tips to Follow

Sign Up for a Spa Weekend

Most of the local and chain spas now offer entire weekends. No, you don’t sleep there, but you do return early the second morning for a full array of services. Whatever you didn’t choose for the first day takes place on day two. A typical spa weekend, for men or women, includes a 90-minute therapeutic massage, a steam bath, aroma-therapy, one or two meals per day, a hair style or cut (or both), a facial, and your choice from a long menu of relaxing services. Some salons now offer guided meditation sessions and relaxation hypnosis.

Try Flotation Therapy

Flotation therapy has been around for nearly a century. In the 1960s it was called sensory deprivation, a terrible name that doesn’t do justice to how much the tub session can relax nerves and help mental stress drift away. New practitioners operate shops that have several tubs. You float in body-temperature water in a totally darkened pool for up to two hours. Some people say it’s the most relaxing thing they’ve ever done.

Get a Marijuana Subscription Box

If you really want to feel good, sign up for a marijuana subscription box from Nugg Club. The menu of items and selections will surprise you, but once your first box arrives in the mail, that surprise will turn to sheer happiness. Your first wonderful dilemma is choosing whether to get a Nugg Club Box or the company’s Hemper Box. Actually, you can order both, but it helps to know what each one offers. The Nugg Club Box contains the very best marijuana you can buy. The Hemper Box contains all those extras like rolling papers, bongs, and all the smoking supplies and accessories to help you fully enjoy your weed. Again, there’s no reason to get just one because they were made for each other.

Try a Silent Meditation Retreat

Wherever you live, chances are you can sign up for a one-day or longer silent meditation retreat. These quiet events are a perfect way to unwind, whatever your spiritual beliefs. Silence has a strange way of sneaking up on people. Some folks note that they don’t realize how powerful the weekends are until they return to normal life the following Monday.

Take a Wilderness Vacation

If you want to get away from it all but don’t feel the need to float in a tiny tank of maintain silence, take a wilderness vacation. Any of the online or in-person agents can help you find one that works for your schedule and budget. The point is to unplug and disconnect for a few days and forget the real world.

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