Is printing important to you?  You might not be a photographer, but you might own a business that needs hardcopy prints.  Did you just start a small business recently and possibly feel a trifle lost? Well then, I think you should say fuck it and get into the mix with Allegra Marketing. Forget about marketing email blasts, they’re boring and trite.  Not too far from pop music if we are really going to get honest.

But, let’s not get off on a tangent here and stick to the plan.  Tangents can hurt your small business so, I will not go into it that far.  However, a rant or rave better known as a tangent cant possibly stir yourself up and or stir your workers up for what are otherwise mundane tasks to rise up to a certain occasion.  

Let’s fucking face it, print solutions aren’t the most interesting thing in the world.  But, the interesting part about print solutions is that they can make your small business grow if u utilize the tools and tactics properly.  You will save time and money not to mention have less stress when you hire out your printing needs.

Some companies can handle large print loads, however when you own a small business that is not usually the case.  If you are smart about who you hire and smart about your spending habits then you can really optimize your profits and or red tape, unlike K Street.

What Can You Do?

One of the best things you can do when you own a small business is hiring a solutions company for your printing needs.  Marketing is huge in today’s world and we’re not talking about Donald Trump’s huge. We are talking about something real.  Not something out of a reality television show.

All of your special events and occasions can look like a catalog brochure when you use the right print shop or printing company.  Your calendars and wedding invitation that you might need to produce for a client will also look top-notch.

Some people will tell you that print media and or print marketing doesn’t exist anymore.  On the contrary, there is a certain contingent out there especially those that don’t watch reality television who actually like to read a real book or look at a real photo on film stock.  Print has always been a powerful medium and although it’s in decline your business can still do well by it. Fuck, your small business is probably better off for using it, will stand out from the crowd.

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