There is no reason to get overwhelmed. If a change of home or even a city awaits you soon and the mere idea of ​​having to move can get on your nerves, read these tips to get out of it with flying colors. With a lot of patience and taking these good tips into consideration, you will even have fun.

Planning Your Move: Use Google Calendar

How to prepare to move

Ask for a quote for the move in time from the companies specialized such as H2hmovers β€œlong distance movers” in it in your city, buy the cardboard boxes and the packing paper with bubbles that you need, put in them the objects that you use the least on a day-to-day basis.

Basically there are not so many things, but the serious mistake that many make is to leave everything for the day before. Put dates.

A good idea is to use Google Calendar, for example, so that from your own mobile phone you can make an optimal planning for days with alerts that notify you of your small daily objectives. You’ll see how well.

It’s Hard, But You Have To Throw Away What You Don’t Use

Making a move is a good opportunity that life gives you to start over, without all the material that gets in your way and accumulates dust because you haven’t used it for years.

It is not expected. Also, imagine this: Your new home is much tidier and more comfortable because you only keep what you really use, thus achieving more living space for you and your loved ones in each and every one of its rooms. It convinces you, right?

Once you have created your calendar for your long distance moving, to give it a name, the most important days will arrive due to their great importance in achieving an agile, pleasant and stress-free move: Proper packaging, packaging and a description of what you put in boxes and other media for your transportation.

It happens a lot, and it is very human, that especially those who live in small lofts or one-bedroom apartments believe that the order of their objects and personal belongings in boxes or other packaging for transport does not matter, but then when the really, this is what happens to them: They find real chaos in the new home, because it is crazy to have the toothbrush with the pans or the bedding.

How to move heavy objects with simple tools

Therefore, it is highly recommended that you go room by room collecting and ordering the same or much related items in the same boxes, and also write in each of them the list of objects or accessories that are kept inside. If you have made the proper forecast and use a full month before the dates for the move, it will not be a boring or long task: Each week you could dedicate yourself to dismantling a different room. And if you get on with it every day, it wouldn’t take you more than two hours a day.

Think Carefully About How To Make The Move: Hire A Moving Company?

In the first ‘tip’ we have already talked about contacting long distance movers companies specialized in removals to find out about their personalized moving services and rates before hiring, but it is important to delve into it. Together with the previous advice, these are the two most essential moments for any move to have a normal and not unsettling development.

There are those who take it for granted that it is best to leave the disassembly of your furniture, transport and assembly in the new house to companies with the human and logistical support necessary for this type of work, and they are not misguided because for affordable prices you would ignore this hard and arduous task to put it in the hands of people who are dedicated exclusively to it, but the truth is that there are several ways to make a move:

You yourself in your own car, rent a truck as long as you have the mandatory license to drive it. There are many alternatives, but of course the simplest, easiest, most comfortable and profitable is only one, the one that everyone takes for granted.

In The New House, The Same Way But In Reverse

Reasons to Hire Professional Movers

Be methodical again in your new home. Don’t let the emotion get you down. Remain rigorous and installation will be quick and easy. He does everything again by rooms, that is: He starts with the kitchen, to put an assumption, and unpacks, orders and places by furniture. For example, start with the cutlery drawer, therefore opening the box where it says ‘kitchen cutlery’ and place them. They should all be here: forks, knives, potato peelers.


Follow these four effective steps and you will live your first move smoothly. There is nothing like starting a new life on the right foot. And moving your furniture and personal belongings from the old home to the new one is the symbolic beginning. That laziness cannot with you!

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