Making a home into a haven for your family is no small task. Nearly everything in the house from the lighting to the type of appliances you put in matters. In addition, selecting the right flooring is key!

Choosing the best waterproof vs water-resistant flooring can be difficult. Finding the right type of flooring that is also durable and safe for your family is the most important part.

Before making a decision, take a moment and learn more about the different types of flooring you can use in your home. Below, we discuss the key differences between waterproof vs water-resistant flooring.

What Is Waterproof Flooring?

Waterproof Flooring

Waterproof flooring is a type of flooring designed to be impervious to water. This means that it will not allow water to seep through to the subfloor or the space below the flooring.

It is often used in areas where there is a high risk of water damage, such as in kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry rooms. Waterproof flooring is built from a variety of materials. This includes vinyl, laminate, and ceramic tile.

What Is Water-Resistant Flooring?

Water-Resistant Flooring

Water-resistant flooring is a type of flooring that is designed to resist water damage. Yet, water-resistant flooring does not completely impervious to water and can still be damaged or stained if exposed to water for a long period.

It is often used in areas where there is a moderate risk of water damage, such as in living rooms and bedrooms. Water-resistant flooring can be installed by the homeowner. But remember, it is important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

How to Clean and Maintain Waterproof and Water Resistant Flooring

Maintain Waterproof Flooring

Waterproof flooring is made from materials that won’t allow water to penetrate. Making it ideal for areas that are susceptible to flooding or leaks.

Water-resistant flooring is made from materials that can withstand some water but will succumb to leaks or flooding if left untreated.

When it comes to cleaning and maintaining waterproof and water-resistant flooring, the main difference is that waterproof flooring is much easier to care for. Spills can be wiped up without the worry of damaging the floor.

In water-resistant flooring, it is important to be careful when cleaning up spills. As the water can damage the flooring if it is not done correctly.

With today’s on-demand technology, it is best to choose a professional for your flooring installation to ensure that it is strong, durable, and sealed.

Get To Know More About Waterproof vs Water-Resistant Flooring

Waterproof vs water-resistant flooring is both great options for protecting your floors from water damage. However, there are some key differences between the two. Waterproof flooring is completely impervious to water, while water-resistant flooring is only resistant to a certain amount of water.

Waterproof flooring is also much more durable and long-lasting than water-resistant flooring. If you’re looking for the best protection for your floors, waterproof flooring is the way to go. Both types of flooring have their own advantages and disadvantages, so be sure to choose the one that’s right for your needs.

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