When putting on makeup or buying any beauty product, sometimes you have the question of whether the color will be appropriate. Therefore, it is important to know some basic tips to choose the right eye shadow according to your skin type and pigmentation.

There are countless palettes on the market and brands are constantly launching new ones. There may be confusion with the different presentations and terms that are used, such as what is the difference between a normal shadow and a pressed pigment, or if a shimmer shadow is the same as one with a metallic or satin finish. It is important to know these little details to be able to make the perfect purchase, especially by electronic means, since the offer can be very varied.

To maximize profitability for shadows, either individually or in a palette, the first thing to be clear about is when you want to use them. If you want them for day-to-day life, the most suitable are nude tones, since with them you will achieve a more natural result. But if what you want is to cause a sensation at a party or important event with sophisticated and elegant makeup, then you should go for intense colors and even dare with some gold, silver, or bronze touch applied strategically.

Learn how to choose eye shadow

What the ideal palette should have

If you put your finger on the shadow and apply it on the hand, it should have the same intensity of color that it shows in the palette. Even if you blur a little, you should appreciate the tone well. Within the range of the colors you choose (brown, green, pink, etc.), it is important that they have different intensity to be able to make the game of gradient shading when applying makeup.

Matte finish shadows create a natural effect ideal for daytime makeup, especially when using nude or warm shades. Earth tones (browns, stone gray, tile) offer endless combinations. Both the pearlescent and metallic finishes add shine, making these shades ideal for festive or evening makeup. There is no need to overdo it, just a touch at the top of the eyebrow or in the tear.

The shades that favor and suit you

According to your eyes. There is no set rule and the interesting thing is to mix several shades to create depth or brighten the look. It is not necessary to always combine the color of the shadows with that of the eyes, because sometimes they can stand out more if you are looking for opposite tones.

By the type of skin. If the eyelid is rather greasy, it is advisable to use powder or cream eyeshadow. The latter is better, because the pigment has a better hold and lasts longer, especially if you’ve used an eye primer before.

What texture do I choose?

  • Powdered. They are more volatile and do not have as much fixation. They are ideal for light makeup.
  • In cream. Not that they are creamy. Its finish is also powder, but they have more hold and are easier to apply. You can even use your fingers.
  • Liquids. They provide a shiny or satin tone, so they are not recommended for oily eyelids.
  • Pencil format. It is melting and the result is long lasting, with the advantage that it is easier to apply. Ideal if you are always in a hurry.

Whatever your choice, you can buy it easily online. Take your Android cellphone and immediately surf the internet. You will have more choices!

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