Once upon a time, brick was seen as the basic material to a home’s walls. In more recent times construction has evolved and there are options when it comes to wall cladding. You might be confused with all the options that are available out there.

Keep reading to learn the difference between some of the most common cladding materials to help you make a decision

1. Stone Cladding

This type of cladding is the most natural-looking type. It can be installed over a concrete surface or a metal surface.

If you are looking to update your living room, indoor garden, or bathroom walls, this is a popular look. Stone cladding is a durable option but it is one of the most expensive types to install.

You always want to use a reputable company like MCM Manufacturers to make sure that you end up with a job that will last for a long time. The last thing you want is to have it fall apart soon after install.

2. Wooden Cladding

Next to stone cladding, this is another highly-rated cladding type, because it is stronger than vinyl and aluminum cladding. This is a popular choice if you are looking to improve the aesthetic appearance of the wall.

The main types of wood used are redwood or cedarwood. This is another expensive option and you want to keep in mind that the maintenance to keep up with wooden cladding is also costly.

3. Vinyl Cladding

This is a plastic cladding option that is usually used for exteriors and for waterproofing. It is popular for homes because it is a low-cost option and still provides protection from the outside elements.

If you are comparing it to wood and aluminum cladding the quality of vinyl cladding is not as good.

4. Aluminum Cladding

This option is more expensive than vinyl cladding but it guarantees a longer life span and more durability than vinyl cladding. Aluminum means less maintenance than other cladding options such as wood.

With aluminum cladding, you will also have fewer replacement issues over the years. This is a popular option for storage walls, basements, and large commercial buildings.

5. Stainless Steel Cladding

If you are looking for material that has a high resistance to environmental effects, then stainless steel might be your answer. As long as the stainless steel used is high quality you won’t have to worry about rust.

This is a very durable and popular option for commercial buildings and for a modern home look.

Which Wall Cladding Will You Choose?

Now that you know about the different types of wall cladding, you can make your choice based on your personal preference and budget. Cladding will help improve the look and value of your home when it is done correctly.

If you feel stuck contact a professional and ask for their expert advice. They might even be able to use virtual reality to give you a visual of how your home would look with different cladding options.

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