The Florida Division of Elections released this week its latest report on voter registration data that show there are 11,217,384 registered voters in the state.

The data show that in congressional District 24, where Republican Sandy Adams faces Democratic Rep. Suzanne Kosmas, registered Republicans outnumber Democrats by about 15,000 voters, and there are almost 97,000 no-party-affiliation registered voters.

In the 22nd congressional district, where Democratic Rep. Ron Klein faces Republican Allen West, registered Democrats have a very slim advantage over registered Republicans, while there are 99,000 no-party-affiliation registered voters.

Democrat Joe Garcia is running against Republican David Rivera in the 25th congressional district, where registered Republicans outnumber registered Democrats by about 2,000 voters and there are 98,000 no-party-affiliation registered voters.

In Congressional District 8, where Democratic Rep. Alan Grayson faces Republican Dan Webster, registered Democrats outnumber GOP voters and there are 86,000 no-party-affiliation registered voters.

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