When we go away on vacation, many of us see it as the perfect opportunity to enhance our Instagram feeds with some great new pics. However, finding the best places for that perfect new Instagram picture can be a much harder task than we expected. After all, unless you’re a professional photographer, identifying the right lighting, the best angles, and the perfect photo compositions isn’t going to be an easy task. However, while we can’t help you with that, we can advise you on finding the best locations to get some great shots. Popular locations for vacations, such as the wonderful Cabo in Mexico, will present you with some amazing places for fantastic photos. To help you plan out your journey, we’ve listed some of our favorite places here.

Best Places For Instagram Pic

Baja Desert

Baja Desert

To start us off, it’s important to note that not everything in Cabo revolves around the coast. While it is a fantastic location for those searching for a stunning seaside getaway, Cabo is home to some brilliant in-land locations for you to explore. The Baja Desert is just shy of 30,000 square miles of dry, arid land, yet while this might sound quite miserable, it is entirely the opposite. The area is, of course, somewhat unforgiving, yet it is also made up of some stunning sights, with towering mesas, snaking canyons, and sprawling shrublands. Taking an ATV tour out across the amazing landscape can make for some great adventure shots with the stunning backdrop of earthy tones emblazoned by the dazzling Mexican sunshine.

Land’s End

The southern tip of Baja California Sur is home to what is known as Land’s End. Situated just a stone’s throw from the resort city of Cabo San Lucas, Land’s End is the perfect place for some gorgeous sea-faring shots. Take a boat out among this iconic rock formation to get some amazing photos. This area is most famous for its natural formation, the Arch of Cabo San Lucas, and this makes for a great backdrop for some fun photos with friends or even romantic couple shots, especially during the sunset.

Santiago Oasis

Amidst the dry, arid landscape of Baja California Sur, water is relatively scarce. In these areas, a space that is lush and vibrant with life, such as the Santiago Oasis, is one that shouldn’t be ignored. This oasis located in the small town of Santiago is a perfect space for photographs, especially with the mountains in the background. Palm trees and snaking bodies of water throughout the oasis make for great subjects for some great nature pics.

Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas

The resort city itself is another great space for some exciting and fun photo opportunities. There are so many things to get involved in across the city, visiting this place should be high on your list if you’re thinking of vacationing in Cabo. It might be worth visiting the Cabo San Lucas marina during the daytime too. Dockside shots alongside luxury yachts and with a backdrop of the wonderful seaside architecture. The nautical aesthetic is a fantastic choice when showcasing your time living the high life. During the evenings, you’ll be able to enjoy the exciting clubs around the downtown area or take some tantalizing Instagram pics of your luxury meal at some of the city’s amazing restaurants.

San José Del Cabo

In contrast to Cabo San Lucas, José Del Cabo is one that is much more relaxed and suitable for those searching for a place to unwind or for a more cultural experience. There are lots of wonderful places to visit in this city, such as art galleries, restaurants, and quaint independent stores. The cobbled streets around the gallery district are also adorned with beautiful multi-colored fiesta flags, which make for the perfect backdrop for new Instagram pics for your feed.

Scuba Diving

It’s worth remembering that not all of your shots need to be on land. In fact, the waters around Cabo are perfect locations for scuba diving excursions and therefore are also great for some stunning underwater shots. The waters around Cabo and, in fact, most of the Pacific coastline are teeming with amazing sea life, from whales and dolphins to sharks and turtles. As well as these slightly more elusive critters, there are a huge number of different fish species, all flaunting their own tropical colors and patterns. Taking a trip below the waves with a trained scuba professional is a great way to get some exciting yet different photos.

Infinity Pools

While this isn’t a specific place, many luxury hotels around the world boast stunning infinity pools, and the resorts of Cabo are no exception. You may have seen these before where the water comes right to the rim of the pool at one side. This lower side usually faces the ocean giving the slight illusion that the pool continues on forever or for infinity. Naturally, this makes for some incredible shots, especially if you get the angle and lighting just right. A photo by the pool in the middle of the day with the sun bouncing off the waves or a shot during the golden hour in the evening provides perfect visuals.

Medano Beach

Medano Beach

As one of the best beaches in the area, Medano Beach is an ideal spot for some great Cabo Instagramming. Perhaps you’re looking at getting some classic beach shots while sunbathing or playing volleyball with friends. Or, if you’d rather get away from the crowds a bit, take a stand-up paddleboard out on the calm waters for some more active Instagram pics. Paddleboarding can be a lot of fun too, and getting some photos from the water without having to hire a boat is a great idea. The golden sands on the shore, as well as the rocky outcroppings of Land’s End, make for beautiful backdrops too.

Cañón De La Zorra

Known in English as the Canyon of the Fox, Cañón de la Zorra is an absolutely breathtaking location about an hour and a half’s ride out of Cabo San Lucas. This is obviously going to require a dedicated day of traveling, but it is a must-see if you intend to travel inland to take in some of the sights off the beaten track. The stunning waterfall that erupts through the rockface and the crystal clear pools set the scene for some outstanding Instagram pics. Be prepared, though, to get to the waterfall, as you’ll need to undertake a slight uphill hike. However, as long as you have some sturdy footwear and come prepared with plenty of water to stay hydrated, it’s not too difficult. The hike itself also provides you with plenty of beautiful scenery too.

Santa Rita Hot Springs

While you’re visiting Cañón de la Zorra, it would be unfortunate to skip past another gem a mere twenty minutes away. The Santa Rita hot springs are another gorgeous inland wonder, providing visitors with a mineral-rich bath in the volcanic waters. These springs are essentially natural hot tubs, with freshwater bubbling up from geysers below the surface. Desert plants and wildlife surround the area, and the stunning colors found within the hot springs themselves will really make your Instagram pics pop. Don’t forget, when visiting these hot springs, you’ll be required to pay an entry fee due to the entrance being privately owned. This fee is only around 200 pesos or roughly $10.

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