Virtual phone numbers are phone numbers that operate through the use of the Internet. Virtual phone number systems allow a business’ customer service agents to make and receive calls from the office, their home, or even while they are traveling. Virtual phone number systems can also provide real-time insights to help managers running a call center. Managers need not even be present in the call centers while monitoring. 

Why use Virtual Phone Number Services for Inbound Call Centers? 

Customer service teams and call center representatives handle the majority of telephone communications for a business. Some businesses require that all of these staff members be present on-premises while they are handling customer service conversations. The aim of this is to have managers present to oversee operations and ensure the quality of the conversations are up to the standards of the company. Any business owner will tell you that conversations with customers can easily make or break relationships with those customers, as well as make or break the business as a whole. 

With all of this in mind, there is a growing percentage of the workforce that prefers to work from home or somewhere out of the traditional office space. The idea of having a call center on-premises is essentially outdated. Businesses need to carefully examine the idea of a virtual call center and all of its capabilities in supporting their goals to offer quality customer service while accommodating the preferences and needs of their employees. 

What is a Virtual Call Center?

Businesses use virtual call centers to handle the grand majority of voice conversations. With a virtual call center, some or all of the customer agents may be working from different locations. Agents may prefer to work from home, while traveling, or from a different city, state, or country. The same idea applies to those supervising these call centers. Any situation where phone teams work from settings other than a central physical location is a virtual call center

Advantages of Virtual Phone Number Services for Virtual Call Centers

There are many advantages to virtual telephone number services and virtual call centers. To mention a few:

  • The use of virtual business phone numbers allows staff members the flexibility to take phone calls from anywhere they are physically located. This could be their office, their home, or anywhere else. 
  • There are many features you can use in conjunction with a virtual phone number, including call recording, call forwarding, SMS capabilities, customized voice greetings, and extensions. 
  • Call center supervisors can monitor calls from any location as well. 
  • Set up is easy and quick.
  • A virtual phone number service is limitless in that you are not dealing with landline hardware. Integrating upgrades and features are easily done. 
  • When comparing virtual numbers to landline services, the cost savings of virtual numbers is unmatched.

How Can I Set Up a Virtual Phone Number Service for My Call Centers?

Setting up a call center with landlines and hardware can be costly and time consuming. When using virtual phone number services for inbound call centers or outbound call centers, all you need is Internet access. You will need to decide whether you want a local or toll free number as well as what number you want calls forwarded to from the virtual phone number (landline or mobile phone device). There is nothing about the process that will slow you down. This is essential as all business owners know that time is money. 

Global Call Forwarding Offers Virtual Phone Number Services 

Global Call Forwarding has been in the business of offering business communication solutions for decades. Being on the pulse of everything that relates to the needs of businesses as well as their clients and customers is at the core of everything that Global Call Forwarding offers. Customer service agents for GCF are available around the clock. They can aid you in setting up and making the best use of virtual phone number services for inbound or outbound call centers.

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