610 South Blvd., Tampa (Pic by Phil Bardi)

Occupy Tampa protesters today targeted the accounting firm Robert Watkins and Co., famous in Florida political circles for handling the finances for dozens of campaign funds and political action committees.

Holding signs with slogans such as “Unlimited Corp. $ in Politics Makes it Easier to Lie to Us” and brandishing brooms “to sweep up the laundered money,” about two dozen demonstrators met on the sidewalk outside 610 South Blvd., Tampa, to protest the influence of corporate money over the political system.

“How can the average citizen compete directly against corporations in having their voices heard?” one protester shouted, his words echoed in the Occupy Wall Street movement’s famous “mic check” style. “That is directly opposed to the idea that our government is of, for and by the people. Corporations already have way too much control.”

Protesters also dropped off satirical oversized checks, asking for help on projects like one “to mislead the public to make them think that public employees are draining all our resources instead of helping them out.”

Below, you can watch video of the protest outside the building, shot and uploaded by Tampa’s WMNF; there’s a bunch more coverage of today’s protest at the WMNF site.

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