With most of America – and much of the rest of the world – currently living under stay-at-home orders and vape shops being declared nonessential and shut down in many cities, vapers everywhere are turning to the Internet for their vaping supplies. The boredom of spending long hours at home might mean that you’re vaping more than usual, and if you haven’t done anything recently to inject a bit of newness into your vaping routine, you might find yourself feeling a lot less satisfied with your vaping experience these days. Never fear; if you’re stuck at home for a while, it’s a good time to inject a little fun into your life and spice up your vaping routine. Relieve your boredom by trying one of these new things the next time you order from V2 Cigs UK or another online vape shop.

Try Building Your Own Coils

People all over the world have been switching from pre-made coils to rebuildable atomizers, and with good reason. If you enjoy gadgets, you’ll find building vape coils from scratch – and tinkering with your most successful coil designs to make them even better – very fulfilling.

If you’re feeling the crunch from the recent downturn in the economy, you’ll also like the fact that building coils yourself is by far the cheapest way to vape. These days, the coils for modern cloud chasing tanks come only two or three to a box, and the boxes cost the same as the old five-coil boxes once did. To build your own coils, on the other hand, you only need resistance wire and cotton – and you can buy those supplies in bulk. A pre-built coil typically costs a few dollars and might only last a few days. A coil that you build yourself may only cost a few cents.

Sample Some Unsweetened E-Liquid

If you’re feeling unhappy about your current vaping routine, maybe it’s because you haven’t been using anything other than mainstream e-liquids recently. The e-liquids that fill the shelves at most vape shops are heavily sweetened, and that can lead to them all starting to taste the same after a while. Sucralose definitely tickles the sweet receptors, but it also tends to muddle an e-liquid’s more delicate flavor notes.

If all of your e-liquids to date have been sweetened – as is probably the case if you’ve only ever bought vape juice from mainstream vape shops – it might surprise you to learn how delicious unsweetened e-liquid can be. Aside from the fact that the lack of sweetener will allow you to taste an e-liquid’s flavor more clearly, there are two additional reasons why you might like unsweetened vape juice more than you’d expect.

  • Many flavoring agents used in e-liquid – particularly fruit flavors and a cotton candy flavor called ethyl maltol – taste quite sweet on their own. Even if you’re a fan of sweet flavor profiles, it might surprise you to discover how great an e-liquid can taste without the exaggerated sweetness of sucralose.
  • Many of the people who develop e-liquid flavors regard sucralose as a crutch that masks the flavor of an inferior vape juice. While that’s a very subjective statement, it is true that there’s little point in creating a complex and nuanced e-liquid if you’re just going to add sweetener to it; no one will be able to taste the finer details of the blend anyway. E-liquid makers may work a little harder on products when they’re not planning to add sweeteners to them.

To find unsweetened e-liquids, you may need to venture away from the large mainstream vape shops and seek out the smaller boutique e-liquid makers who were in the industry before sucralose became popular as a vape juice additive. Whether you ultimately decide to switch to unsweetened vape juice or not, you’ll be rewarded with a much longer coil life while you are using e-liquid without sucralose. Sucralose destroys vape coils.

Try a New Pod Vaping System

Would you like to experience a form of vaping that’s completely different from what you know? If you’d like to feel what it’s like to change things around completely, you’ve got to try a pod vaping system. Pod systems are those cute little vaping devices filling the shelves at your local vape shop. Until now, you’ve always ignored those devices because they look like vaping products for beginners. Pod systems are, in fact, designed for beginning vapers. What you might not have realized, though, is that experienced vapers have also been ditching their mods for pod systems by the thousands all over the world.

So, what’s so great about pod systems? For one thing, they’re incredibly small compared to the box mod you might be using now. Carrying a box mod in your pocket all day really isn’t fun. You do it anyway – maybe because you like the battery life or the vapor production – but that’s because the small devices that you used when you started vaping didn’t satisfy you at all. Nicotine salt e-liquid has transformed small vaping devices, making it possible to enjoy complete satisfaction with a device that feels like nothing in your pocket.

The second benefit of pod systems is that using one will drastically cut your e-liquid consumption. If you’re tired of draining a big bottle of e-liquid every few days, you will love what a pod system can do for your wallet – and that’s especially helpful during a time in which almost everyone is short on cash.

Upgrade to a Tank With a Mesh Coil

If you love your sub-ohm vaping setup and would never consider giving it up for a pod system, then you should go in the opposite direction and buy a tank capable of producing bigger clouds than you’ve ever dreamed were possible. A mesh coil tank replaces the wound heating wires of a traditional tank with a strip of mesh – and once you’ve tried a mesh coil, you’ll never want to use anything else.

Mesh coils deliver incredible vaping performance because they combine high surface area with low mass. A mesh coil heats instantly and doesn’t spit or make popping noises during operation. Since mesh coils have low mass, they also have very low power requirements. Even if you have a single-battery mod with a modest power range, you can get amazing clouds out of it with a mesh coil.

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