Forget the horoscope. What if the real secrets of your personality were hidden inside a vaping device?

Best Vaping Device That Says the Personality

There are more vapes out there than you could try in a lifetime. Therefore, the kind of vape you prefer to use says a lot about your tastes and who you are as a person.

Wondering what kinds of secrets are hiding behind those clouds of fat cotton? Keep reading to find out the best vaping device!

Get the important things to consider as a vaping beginner from here.

Mechanical Tube: The Hipster

There are lots of fancy vaping device out there. However, the mechanical tube is about as simple as things get.

This is the vaping device that is perfect for the hipsters of the world. It’s a nice and simple design that also embraces a deliberate throwback vibe.

For vapers, rocking the mechanical tube is like hipsters rocking a fixie bike. It shows that you are less concerned with embracing the next big thing and more concerned with staying on the forefront of edgy coolness.

Like a good hipster, the mechanical tube simultaneously draws attention to itself while acting too cool for school. What else is there to say?

Variable Voltage and Wattage: The Gearhead

Some people like vaping for sheer simplicity. Others, however, like the opportunity to play around with a new piece of tech. That’s where the variable voltage and variable wattage vapes come in.

Using such a vaping device shows the world that you’re a real gearhead. You’re not content with just any vape experience. Instead, you’re going to tweak the current and temperature until each hit is absolute perfection (especially with a weed pen).

People look at the gearhead and know they are looking at a vaping expert. They see you as someone who really knows their way around atomizers, batteries, and coils. The only downside is that newbie vapers will constantly look to you for advice.Β 

Clone: The Frugal Shopper

Some vapes out there are downright expensive. However, there is a simple solution: send in the clones!

It’s possible to find “clone” versions of many popular vapes. This tells everyone a simple fact about your personality: you are a very frugal shopper.

There is nothing wrong with this, of course. Who doesn’t like to save money? Getting a clone vape is an equivalent of getting the Great Value brand from Wal-Mart instead of the more expensive name brand.

Keep in mind that the clones really aren’t as good as the original model, though. As such, some people may insist you put down the clone and pick up the real thing.

Cig-a-Like: Old Schooler

One thing that most vaping device lack is a real aesthetic style. Have you thought about what the actual act of vaping looks like? In most cases, it makes you look like you’re making out with a robot.

That’s why some people prefer Cig-a-like vapes. Simply put, these are vapes that are designed to look and feel like a standard cigarette.

Rocking one of these vapes tells the world that you’re all about old school cool. You don’t just want to vape, you want to embrace your inner James Dean while you’re at it.

If the style is important to your vaping habit, it is genuinely tough to outclass the Cig-a-like.

Pens: Average Joe

We’ve covered a lot of special types of vapes. However, this isn’t what most people are using. The majority of vapers use simple vape pens as you’d find in a vaping device starter kit.

These pens are convenient for many different reasons. They are small and easy portable, making it quite easy to bring just about everywhere. And they are nice and discreet, which is important if you’re having to sneak in a hit instead of openly smoking.

Using these pens marks you pretty solidly as an Average Joe. You’re one of the crowd and can effectively blend into any vaping device environment.

Mod Squad: The Scene Kid

We have touched on some specific kinds of mod kits, such as the VW/VV vapes. However, there is a wide range of vape mods out there that offer different features and aesthetics for your vape.Β 

So, what does a wild or outlandish vape mod say about your personality? It basically signals that you’re the “scene kid” of vaping.

Actual scene kids are known for their bright clothing and hair. They use these colors as a kind of cultural camouflage to change their look and to fit into different kinds of scenes.

With vape mods, you can do the same thing. Whether you want to color coordinate your vape with your shoe color or rep your favorite movie (lightsaber mod, anyone?), the mod scene has got you covered.

Changing Your Vaping Personality

Now you know a bit more about what your vape tells the world about your personality. That leaves us with a simple question: what if you want to change your personality by changing vapes?

You can start by finding one brand that has a ton of different options to choose from. When you shop this brand, you are sure to find something that sparks your fancy.

Before you pull the trigger on a new vape, it’s important to understand what your vaping goals really are.

Know Your Goal

Regardless of personality, everybody vaping device for different reasons. And your goals and motivations should play a major role in the kind of vape you use.

For example, many people vape as a way of kicking their cigarette habit. If that’s the case, the last thing you’ll want to do is use a Cig-a-like vape because it encourages your old habits.

Others just want to enjoy the full flavor and experience of vaping. If that’s the case, you may want a variable voltage/variable wattage device because it helps you customize your experience from the top down.

Choose a Vaping Device: The Next Step

Now you know how to choose a vaping device that’s best for you. However, do you know how to enhance your vaping with an exotic destination?

We bring you the latest in news and features every single week. If you want to leave your stressful world behind in a cloud of vape smoke, check out our travel and cannabis guide today!

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