According to Grand View Research, the vacation rental market revenue reached $74.64 billion in 2021. These researchers predict this market will grow at a compound annual growth rate of 5.3% between 2022 and 2030.

An excellent listing can bring you more bookings and boost your overall reputation. However, various vacation rental listing mistakes can affect your booking success.

This article provides you with five vacation rental listings mistakes and how you can avoid them.

1. Spelling and Grammar Errors

Rental Listing Mistakes

While it may not seem like a big deal, grammar and spelling mistakes will affect your reputation when listing your vacation home for rent. Typos can send a negative impression about your rental listing.

For instance, a client may perceive you as lazy, disinterested, and unbothered in making an effort. Having grammar and typo errors in your vacation rental listing also makes you unprofessional.

Ensure your vacation rental description is free of these errors before posting. You can hire an editor to help you countercheck the listings.

Also, you can use different grammar and spell-checking programs to ensure your work is clean and tidy.

2. Poor Rental Listings Update

Failing to review your vacation rental listings regularly will affect your listing score. It’s best to review and update your vacation rental listings at the beginning of every season.

The industry is constantly dynamic. So, you should ensure you have current vacation let listings.

Outdated rates and information will affect your vacation rental guest reviews. This mostly happens when clients have to pay more than the advertised rates.

You must also keep your vacation rental photos up to date. It’s advisable to list your property here and book a shoot every year.

That way, your vacation home for rent will be perfectly featured in your vacation rental listing images.

3. Use of Only Uppercase Letters

A Property Manager Will Market the Rental Property

When you use all caps in your typing, it sends the impression that you’re shouting. Sometimes, you might think you’re putting more emphasis on a particular message.

Unfortunately, that may portray you as unapproachable and unfriendly. Don’t use all caps! Only use uppercase letters where it’s applicable.

4. Using a Bland Headline

A perfect headline should have at most 70 characters. You’ll likely not attract many clients to your vacation rental listings if you have a dull headline.

Ensure your headline communicates the unique aspects of the vacation home for rent. Include the type of your vacation rental property and special amenities.

Also, add specific distances to close-by attraction sites.

5. Poor Vacation Rental Description

Get Creative With Different Marketing Channels

Some descriptions are too long that the client gets bored reading through. Others are short and fail to include the essential features of the vacation rental property.

Your vacation rental description shouldn’t be more than 400 words long. It should summarize a clear picture of your vacation home for rent and the extras offered.

Include the rental property selling points, details on the property’s type and size, and amenities for each room. You can also describe how the vacation home for rent is suitable for different groups like couples and family reunions.

Avoid Vacation Rental Listing Mistakes

It’s always better to check your listings to ensure you don’t make any vacation rental listing mistakes. Having sub-optimized rental listings will affect your rankings on search engines.

Eventually, this will cost you a lot of valuable bookings.

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