With so many streaming sites popping up every now and then, it becomes a challenge to choose which subscription to sign up for. Some provide movies to your liking while the tv show catalog might need a revamp while others include great tv shows but lack in the movie department.

However, one thing common with these sites is how users have to subscribe and pay every month. Just like TV cable services but over the internet. The same practice has started in the pirated content world, with many sites taking their content over the internet. Uwatchfreemovies is one of those sites.

Uwatchfreemovies free streaming

Uwatchmovies: An alternative to streaming services?

From the name, you would’ve guessed that uwatchfreemovies is a movie site. And with all movie sites that do not have subscription fees or licenses to play movies and TV, they’re referred to as pirated websites or websites with pirated content all over them.

But that doesn’t seem to stop users from enjoying free content, whether it be uwatchfreemovies or any other piracy website with illegal content displayed. With income on hold and expenses rising, it is becoming ever so difficult to pay for cable TV services, let alone subscription content sites. It has become impossible for the authorities to stop piracy or even reduce it. With hundreds of sites under the crackdown, thousands more are open.

We do not encourage piracy as we believe that people like us should support actors and actresses, movie studios, directors, casts and more otherwise we will slowly see the fall of tv entertainment.

What came out of cinemas? You’ll see cinemas abandoned as many prefer to watch movies in the comfort of their home rather than going outside and eventually spending more money on popcorn and drinks than the ticket itself.

However, as said earlier, we can’t do much about these sites. So, let’s look at uwatchfreemovies, is it a scam, how does it work, and what does it offer if it does offer anything?

Uwatchfreemovies: Is it a scam?

With thousands of websites opening up by the hour, it has become very difficult to avoid scams. Many websites would require you to add your credit card details or sign up for premium services while others would simply infect your system with malware which can potentially steal your data and harm your PC if you don’t have an antivirus installed.

So, is uwatchfreemovies a scam? Technically, no.

Uwatchfreemovies is a movie website that has all the latest movies and tv shows. It is completely free meaning that the content uploaded on the website is illegal and has not been paid for by the website owner. This makes uwatchfreemovies an unsafe place to be if your country has banned or illegalized sharing of pirated content. This can be related to many torrent websites. Users of such websites download movies from them and upload them to their own websites.

Back to the main question. Uwatchfreemovies is not a scam however it is an illegal movie site.

Do uwatchfreemovies sites make money?

There wouldn’t be a point in setting up a website in the modern age if it weren’t for making money and lots of money. We’re in the age of the internet, a place where making money has become easier than ever if you just use your mind.

Uwatchfreemovies is an illegal website, hence you wouldn’t find corporations sponsoring such websites. However, what is great about websites over the internet is the ads. Ads are placed everywhere nowadays and have become a great source of revenue for website owners.

Let’s face it, nobody wants to pay for something when you can easily get it for free. Websites like uwatchfreemovies are able to garner a lot of traffic because they provide entertainment content for free. Users are not required to subscribe or pay for the services as the content is illegal and free. Since there is a lot of traffic, they are able to secure ads and ad spaces on the website.

Although the website might have a lot of content to stream for free but believe us this can become a headache too. Websites like uwatchfreemovies have so many popup ads, that eventually it’ll drive you crazy close these ads. And this is how they make money and a lot of it, through pop-up ads.

Even with an adblocker in place, the ads have found ways to sneakily send content over. This can become a hurdle if you’re looking to watch a movie in peace. That is why many prefer to spend money on streaming services than illegal websites as streaming services do not have ads.

They even make streaming a lot easier, a one-click movie solution rather than more pages and ads. We’ll get to that in detail, but first, let’s go over some more details about the website first.

Different domains: An escape route from the authorities?

Yes, many would be wondering, why are there so many different domains for uwatchfreemovies. Well, as previously mentioned, although the authorities can’t completely stop these websites from sprouting up over the internet, they are making efforts to curb the bigger illegal players.

This trend can not only be seen with just uwatchfreemovies site but also with torrents.

One day you wake up to use a torrent site, and you might end up with a page that’s either blocked in your region or is completely broken. This is how you know the authorities have taken action. So, what do you do then?

Of course! You start to search for the same website over a different domain and voila there are tons of it. Your favorite illegal website might have a “.mx, .se” and more domains and hence it becomes difficult for authorities to crack down on every site. Uwatchfreemovies have multiple domains in case the authorities are successfully able to close down some of them.

Does Uwatchfreemovies have an app?

Surprisingly, yes! The website has an app. So, you can stream movies on the website and download them. But what if you’re on the go and do not have access to movies?

Uwatchfreemovies has an app that can be downloaded from their website. Launching the app on your phone will provide you access to thousands of movie and tv titles to watch from. It’s exactly the same as their website. You can even download using the app as well.

With how small changes can make a lot of difference in one’s life, we saw NetFlix climbing aboard the innovation hype train the first by launching their app when all the other alternate media laughed at the company.

Now, apps have become the sole bread and butter of such corporations as apps can be used across millions of devices which is much more convenient than simply launching a website and navigating to what you want to watch.

Now we can see the same trend being followed by illegal pirated content sites as it provides a lot of conveniences that one seeks when looking at which streaming service to use. Let’s discuss this in a bit more detail by comparing streaming services with illegal content sites like uwatchfreemovies.

Uwatchfreemovies site

Streaming sites VS Illegal content sites: Which one is better?

Well, there are arguments for both sides. So, let’s start with uwatchfreemovies and sites similar to that since that is the topic of the hour.

Sites like uwatchfreemovies are only accessed by users who are looking to save a couple of bucks here and there. Therefore these types of users will avoid streaming services at all costs.

Another reason why these sites do well in traffic is that they have an arsenal of movies and tv shows ready to be watched. With streaming services having to pay licensing fees and securing licenses from studios, the bill to procure such content can reach in millions.

Therefore you won’t find all the movies and tv shows in the world on streaming services. You will see only a certain catalog that is often changed after a certain period of time. This ensures that streaming services are able to run their company and website without having to shut down or declare bankruptcy if they were to choose all the content in the world.

Hence, these streaming services specialize in certain things or find their niche. Disney+ has content only from Disney while Netflix caters to a mature audience and so on.

With illegal content sites, you won’t run into this problem. Yes, this can be a problem because you would need to subscribe to multiple streaming services to enjoy a plethora of content rather than just stick to the one streaming service and the content it provides. Illegal content sites do not have this restriction and give streaming services a run for their money in this department.

Now that we’ve discussed how illegal content websites are preferred over streaming services, let’s look at what streaming services truly offer. Although limited in content, streaming services have poured billions into their technology.

Such technology has allowed streaming sites to understand users’ preferences and collect data in the billions, not just what users like but also how long they watch a show and where they paused the show, when did they change the movie to see users’ interest, their attention span, their preferences and more.

This enables them to show users movies that they might enjoy from the limited catalog that they have allowed users to stick to the streaming services. Rather than spending tons of money on licensing a single movie or show, they use technology to find out which shows users might enjoy. This makes the user feel that the content displayed over streaming services is better catered to their needs and also saves users time rather than watching a movie that they might not like.

Another place where the streaming service wins is the convenience it offers. You might find yourself struggling to navigate through these illegal content sites. With so many pop-up ads and convoluted pages, you might start to regret opening one in the first place.

Streaming services are clean and can easily be run with the latest technology like Alexa or google home. Content can even be played on your home tv by simply using your mobile phone as a remote control. Such convenience, we believe is rightly priced. If illegal content sites also provided such technology, you wouldn’t find millions subscribed to streaming services.

The biggest advantage streaming sites have over illegal content websites is how they are safe and secure to use. You never know what you might get using an illegal content site. Streaming services do not have any malware or viruses but there is a huge chance that your system can be infiltrated by threats when using illegal content sites. This can not only cause damage to your device but also steal personal information.

Streaming services are a great way of supporting the entertainment industry, the actors and actresses, the directors and producers, the studios, and more. These sites pay billions each year to studios to ensure that they produce the best movies for your entertainment. While on the other hand illegal content sites get all the hard work poured in by actors into movies and post them online for people to download illegally.

If such practices continue and lead to a shift in user preferences to what sites they want to use, the entertainment industry could eventually collapse. With no movies and tv shows released, illegal content sites would also remain abandoned. Hence, we strongly urge the readers to avoid illegal content sites and support the industry and all the wonderful people that make the industry thrive.

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