Daniel Stephen Farr, age 36, raped his 16 month old soon-to-be step daughter on July 15th 2018, then committed suicide soon after.  In a Reddit post the Birth Family of the child speculates that Dan Farr committed suicide because “he couldn’t hide what he did, so he chose the easiest route, by taking his own life.”

If he had been convicted of rape of a child, Farr faced life without possibility of parole. According to criminal defense attorneys at Chudnovsky Law, rape of a child is a first degree felony punished by 25 years to life. But given Farr’s prior record and an enhancement for serious bodily injury, it would be upgraded to life without parole. And Farr’s life in prison would not have been easy as child rapists are the most reviled amongst criminal offenders in prison. They typically need to be housed in isolated confinement for their safety.

The birth father’s family of the 16 month old child initially decided to keep the story quiet out of respect of the wishes of Farr’s family, however an inflammatory sentence in the obituary of Dan Farr prompted the family to go public with the story on Reddit and on a family members Facebook page.  Now the hashtag #danielfarrbabyrapist is going viral on twitter.

The 16 month old Ogden toddler is recovering in a Salt Lake City hospital after suffering server injuries from her rape.  After the rape she endured a 5 hour surgery to help repair damages done by rapist Daniel Stepen Farr.  The family asked that we share these images so you know how small little she is.  Some family members beg the question on social media “she’s so little, how could you do this to her?”  This question unfortunately will go unanswered.

The family of the 16 month old child is asking for the help of the community and anyone who has felt the effects of sexual abuse and child rape to share this story to help raise awareness, and get justice for their 16 month old niece, daughter, and grand daughter.  A Go Fund Me page has been set up by friends of the family to help pay for hospital bills as the 16 month old incurred severe injuries as a result of the rape at the hands of Dan Farr.  So far friends and family of the rape victim have raised over $20,000.

This statement from the Family was emailed to Florida Independent:

On behalf of our family we would like to issue the following statement:
We would first like to thank all of those who have shown love and support to our family at this time. The outpouring of love has been overwhelming. Please know that our baby girl is recovering and will continue to be in the best care possible. We did not ask for financial support however we are so very grateful for friends and family and the strangers that have embraced us as family that care so much to have done this for us. Your donations will go a long way on this very long road we will travel with this precious girl. We ask that at this time our family be shown privacy and respect so that we may grieve our tragedy and heal our souls as our girl heals her body. We understand that rape and sexual abuse in its entirety such an evil thing that casts ripples far and wide. We all know someone who has been violated in this manner and it does deserve conversion and awareness. Keep us in your thoughts and prayers. And we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

We also ask that you remove the photos of our daughter for her privacy and ours.

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