Barbering techniques have evolved over the years. Hairstylists can now flaunt a wide range of techniques with the use of different texturizing shears.  Hair cutting shears are hairdressing shears sets that are specially designed for cutting hair. They are quite sharper than scissors and give a better utility. 

The texturizing shears are a type of  specialty hair cutting shears that allows the hairstylists to achieve better texturized hair. Texturizing shears are the perfect way to create a variety of hairstyling effect, ideal for all hair types and to produce efficient results for your clients.

It is usually said, a barber is only as good as his or her hair cutting tool. These texturizing shears are a very versatile tool, which allows the stylist perform different techniques and also provides numerous options to show various effects throughout a single haircut.  It can be used to thin the hair, create layers, and add textures.

Choosing the right shears is necessary for stylists as it becomes part of them, an extension of their hands, allowing them to showcase different barbering techniques that might have a reflection on their personality and provide the best customer satisfaction service.

Clients are becoming more demanding than before and they expect their stylists to master the best styling techniques. And this is where the texturizing scissors helps. 

The texturizing shears have a very versatile role. They can be used for wet or dry hair cutting, help create a subtle and unique look and also applicable on any texture of hair.  The texturizing shears allows stylists to achieve a wide range of dramatic effect and create their own style. 

The texturizing shears gives better efficiency in techniques like point cutting, slide cutting and scissors over comb technique. The secret of creating the perfectly textured hair lies in the use of texturizing shears.

One major advantage of the texturizing shears is that it allows stylists to create and preserve textures while eliminating bulk. It helps create a balanced and well outlined hair while preserving the client’s hair texture.

A barber is only as good as his or her hair-cutting shears, owning the best shears brings out the best in the barber. There are hair cutting scissors for all types of haircuts and styles. Texturizing shears can trim evenly and cut smoothly without pulling hairs and maintain the smooth hair texture.

Texturizing shears are not meant for hair length removal, rather, it is more effective for maintaining the textural elements already created. 

A barber’s technique is usually a reflection of his texturizing shears. For efficient and exquisite technique, the best available shears are required. An example in the Matsui shear brand is the Matsui Matte Black 14 Tooth Offset Thinner which gives you control on just how much hair you want to take off preserving your technique.

Texturizing shears have notches built to one side and the other side left smooth. This design allows barbers to remove less hair with each cut than they would have using normal regular scissors. The different hair styling techniques depends on the texture and the volume of hair of the client.  

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Choosing and using a good shear might be a daunting task for some stylists, let us then examine some steps, tips and things to consider when texturizing. 

Texturizing steps 


Using Texturizing Shears to Elevate Your Technique

To create the best texturized hair, the texturizing shears are most efficient when used one-third of the way from the hair scalp and one-third of the way from the ends of the hair.

 Hair texturizing done too close to the scalp will cause it to look more like hair breakage. For better efficiency, it is recommended that shears should not be used closer than three inches from the scalp.

The comb over area method is also efficient to remove loose hairs between each shear cut. It is also important to avoid frequent texturizing.

Texturizing tips

Using Texturizing Shears to Elevate Your Technique

As stated earlier, texturizing shears are most efficient in removing added bulk. Hair texturizing helps loosen tight curls and make it easier to comb the hair.

Over-using texturizing shears can make the hair become flatter because the structure is weakened. In texturizing bulky ends, the hair should be damped and combed.

Try checking for knots or bulges and shake them loose. The texturizing shears can them be used to cut the hair diagonally while holding a section of the hair ends in between your fingers with one hand.

After you are done with the particular section, you take up another section of the hair and repeat the process until you have gone all the way around the hair. A towel can be used to run through the ends of the hair to loosen it and make the trimmed hairs fall to the ground. 

Choosing the best texturizing shears

When shopping for texturizing shears, it is important to choose the shear according to the type of texture you want to create. The teeth on the shears is an important factor to consider as its size and number will determine the amount of texture the shears create.

Another thing to consider is how convenient the shears are in your hands. One major way of choosing the right scissors for you is to measure the length of the blade against your middle finger and the total length of the scissors against the palm of your hands.

Shears that work with your dominant hands will be easier to use hence, left-handed stylists are advised to use the left handed shears. Comfort and usability should be at the top of your mind when choosing a texturizing shear.

Maintaining your texturizing shears   

Using Texturizing Shears to Elevate Your Technique

 Taking good care of your texturizing shears is necessary to maintain efficiency and lasting use. Make sure to clean the shears with a damp towel daily before storing them.

The blades can also be wiped with alcohol when used on colored hair. The shears should be oiled often and when not in use, stored away in the case. Check the comprehensive guide about the difference between shears and scissors on WiseBarber.

Periodic servicing of the shears can also be necessary to promote long lasting usability.

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