It is pretty evident in today’s society that technological advancement is peeving its way to become the strongest innovator amongst us. Come to think of it, the majority of people rely on technology to suffice their needs in everyday lives may it be for leisure or their respective jobs. The truth is, we need technology more now, in comparison to the involvement decades back.

With the recent events of the ongoing pandemic, the need for sustainable internet services plans across the globe has risen. With that being said, the digital divide has become more of an issue than what we have expected. The use of stable broadband has provided individuals with the speed of connection to get tasks done. However, there are places within the world wherein these providers can’t seem to access. An age-old question is, will satellite services become the answer?

Allegedly, satellite internet services will provide low latency internet access, 5G, and a remarkable speed worldwide at a very affordable price for the consumer. Isn’t that a need we aspire and thirst for? Then again, will it solve the digital divide? To be completely honest, it may bridge the gap or lessen such, however, we can’t assume that it would immediately resolve the issue.

Here are some of the reasons

The Strength Of 5G

Have you noticed how much smartphones have evolved? How they use and need for such has grown. It’s because the device itself is easy to manipulate and it can access the internet. People of all ages can now use a smartphone as long as they can afford one and they are capable of accessing the internet provided that the connection is available. For people living in rural and remote regions, accessing the internet through their smartphone is the only option.

Think about how they would need access during the ongoing pandemic to sustain their daily needs. 5G will surely transform and mold the aspect of life we are currently living because it can be accessed anywhere in the world providing for the vast majority of people who need it. It would also mean that for us to attain such, we would need the assistance of satellites.

Faith In Humanity Is Restored

The ongoing global crisis and or problems that arise amidst the ongoing pandemic showcase the need for humanitarian services and networks. Not all humanitarian organizations can be accessed through broadband and would need the displacement of communications that can only be done through telecommunications. It means that with the use of satellites we can easily monitor and gain a response from humanitarian networks with immediate action.

Feeding Consumer Needs

As mentioned, there is a need in rural and remote regions in the world that would greatly benefit from the utilization of satellites. The consumer need would be lessened and addressed once the implementation of satellites has taken effect. It has been years since we have bridged the gap of the digital divide and this may lead to the improvement of underdeveloped places.

Since the people in remote and rural areas can access and connect worldwide with the use of these satellites, they will be allowed to expand their network and also learn from what technological advancements have to offer.

Why Connect People With Satellites?

These benefits may seem minimal to the eyes of people that already have access to the internet with ease. Let’s put ourselves in the shoes of people who don’t and reflect on why it is important to connect with everyone. The digital divide as minimal as it may seem, once bridged can lead to growth in the economic progress of a country.

Even better, the said change and evolution may even affect the world in terms of growth and advancement. Imagine people from areas we have yet to hear from slowly molding their respective societies and growing to the extent wherein they are capable of providing a perspective that we have yet to discover.

The human race is such an advanced society that we are capable of easily adapting to change, why not maximize a change that can be pivotal and beneficial for the entire race.

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