The past year has been filled with many isolation periods, traumatic events, and a nonstop lockdown. These all resulted in a considerable increase in anxiety and depression rates. A recent study by the JAMA Network declared that the rate of depression has tripled. Before the pandemic, these rates were 8.5%, but after their study, these rates increased to 27.8%. This amount is higher than ever. More than the rates from the terror attack on 11th September 2001 and the outbreaks of Ebola.

Most people pay so much attention to their physical health, but mental health doesn’t get enough attention. Isolation, income loss, and uncertainty these days have led to mental health issues.

Relationship between Age and Depression and Anxiety

effects of anxiety on the brain

In many cases, age is related to anxiety and depression. When we age, it comes with many risks to increase chronic illnesses like heart diseases, cancer, and arthritis. These are the triggering factors for a mood change. It is believed that depression and anxiety are happening because of a breakdown of neurotransmitter regulation and brain inflammation.

Older adults who are suffering greatly from anxiety and depression are seeking help. As there is an increasing number of at-risk adults spending most of their time in their homes, they should have effective methods for treatment available to them. It should be affordable as well. There is an option that can meet these criteria, and it is Low Dose Naltrexone, which is also called LDN.

Low Dose Naltrexone


LDN can help regulate endorphin production and chronic inflammations. A clinical study was published back in 2015, and it examined the LDN effectiveness for mental health treatments. The study was conducted using 15 participants who had mental health disorders, and the result had a positive effect for 11 patients among 15. Seven among them had long-lasting and helpful effects from it. The conclusion of this study is that LDN can be a helpful treatment for people who suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder.

Low Dose Naltrexone for Anxiety and Depression

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As we mentioned before, there is an ongoing relationship between depression, anxiety, and aging. LDN will help ease the symptoms caused by anxiety and depression. LDN also lowers chronic diseases and pains, which are triggering factors for depression. By reducing the pain, LDN helps to lower depression.

For those looking for an accessible, effective yet affordable option to help with their anxiety and depression, LDN might be a good fit for you., is an online telehealth subscription service with a mission to help people live longer by accelerating the progress and adoption of therapies, such as LDN, that prevent age-related diseases, and which reverse age-related damage.

The ability to buy Low Dose Naltrexone via an online platform is a promising way to address your mental health issues. Since there has been an increasing number of anxiety and depression issues in society, LDN is a great resource to help combat these issues.

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