Are you planning to move in the near future?  Did you get a new job on the other side of the country?  Perhaps you’re retiring and going to move to a warmer climate?  No matter what your case may be you can save money on your move with a removalists interstate relocating or long distance moving company.

There are some things you can do to ensure that you are hiring the best moving company that will also save you money at the end of the day.

Get Estimates

You’ll want to check with at least three moving companies before you relocate.  Have each of the companies that you contact come out to your house and get a rundown of your situation.  After they do the inspection get the estimate in writing so there are no last minute surprises on moving day. The best interstate removals will offer you guarantees under almost any circumstance. They will go as straightforward as possible with the amounts charged. Remember that you are paying for high-quality services; if a company is worth the investment, you will notice it from the start. Some companies will try to give you a bill that is higher from what you agreed upon when they deliver your goods.  This is against the law, so if this does happen contact the police right away.

Pack Some Items Yourself

When you hire a good moving company they will pack your items for you.  However, if you want to shave a bit off your costs you can pack several items beforehand.  This will save time and therefore money. You should focus on packing non-fragile items like clothes and allow the professional movers to pack the fragile stuff.  Remember if any of the items the moving company packs are damaged during the move you will be reimbursed because of the insurance policy.

Be Flexible

If you are able to be flexible with your time frame on delivery then you can save money.  Moving companies charge a premium for those who need their items delivered at a specific day and time.  Some companies have a few different families they are delivering to in one shipment. So they need extra time to do this and if you are flexible with them they charge you less money.  Furthermore, you can save money if you hire the moving company in the offseason.  Most of these moving companies are very busy in the summer months and at the end of each month.  If you can schedule around this then you will definitely keep some money in your wallet.


This step is very important.  You should protect yourself with a good insurance plan.  The best way to be covered is to choose a full replacement insurance plan, especially if you have many precious or valuable items.  Another thing you need to do is inspect all of your items and document their condition on paper and with photos. Then, when the items arrive you need to re-inspect them thoroughly.  If you do choose the full coverage plan then any item that was damaged during transit will be replaced in full.

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