In 2019, Apple ranked number one among the most valuable brands globally, with over $205.5 billion in brand value.

The company’s computer business built around the Mac contributed a staggering $25.7 billion in revenues in 2019. Today, Mac has over 100 million active users globally, with numbers anticipated to grow over time. Using a Mac is pure bliss, given that these computers are clean, refined, and user-friendly.

Are you considering buying Apple’s Mac computer for your routine workflow? Here are seven badass Mac tips and tricks to help you start using your device like a pro.

1. Using a Mac to Take a Screenshot

Until late into the 1980s, most computer operating systems didn’t have a screenshot capture functionality. Almost four decades later today, screenshots are currently the most important thing on the internet. However, taking a screenshot on your Mac laptop can be complicated if you aren’t well versed with the inbuilt commands.

Mac gives users the luxury to take both video and cleaner versions of screenshots. All you need is to click Shift + command + 3 to take a screenshot. You can also click Shift + Command + 4 if you want to select a specific area of the screen before taking a screenshot.

The best thing about Mac is that you can also record your screen or a portion of it in video form. To do this, click Shift + command + 5 to get a video screenshot.

These functionalities make Mac the undisputed king when it comes to screenshots. You can learn more here on how to screenshot on Mac. While on it, you’ll also learn how to use Capto from Setapp to annotate and edit any screenshot with ease.

2. Converse with Your Mac

It sounds absurd, but you can talk and listen to your Mac any time with using the amazing app “Siri.” Are you wondering how using a Mac can help you save time? You need to try out Siri.

Earlier versions of Mac, including the Sierra, have the talkback option. However, such versions weren’t as impressive as what Siri offers. All you need to say is “Hey Siri,” and voilà, your verbal wish will be Siri’s Command.

Siri responds to a wide range of orders. You can request to play specific music or find and open a file by just making a verbal request. Siri can also drag and drop a request or pin a result to your desktop in a split second.

Using a Mac, you only need to click the Siri icon on your updated menu bar. You can then click enable, after which you’ll be good to talk. Using macOS Mojave and Carolina, your Siri on Mac can toggle system functions like Bluetooth with incredible ease.

3. Swap Between Apps

You probably use more than one app at a go on your Mac. The need to close and open apps can be overwhelming and time-consuming. But there’s a way to swap between apps that will make your use of Mac easy.

You only need to press Command + Tab. Then hold down your Mac’s Command key, after which you can press-hold the Tab Key to cycle through all your open apps.

You should then let go when you Mac highlights the app you want. This trick saves you time and the hustle of manually switching from one app to the next.

4. Using Mac, You Can Hide All Windows

Sometimes, hiding most of your other windows from the main screen can improve your privacy. Whatever the reason for your resolve to hide windows, your Mac has the solution. You can opt to hide all windows except for the one you are currently using with incredible ease.

Press Option + Command + H helps you hide all windows. You can also quickly hide a window on your Mac’s desktop by pressing Command + H. To get a hidden window back on the desktop. You only need to click Command + Tab.

5. Switch Between Multiple Desktops

Are you wondering about switching between multiple desktops on your Mac? Well, Mac has at least 16 different desktops, which have specific desktop wallpaper for each. This function helps to keep your workflow more organized.

Most people don’t know that switching in between multiple desktops is one of the must-have Mac tips. You can quickly press the Control button and then either the left or the right arrow to swap between the various desktops.

6. Safari Picture-in-Picture

Almost a third of all internet users are active on YouTube. You wouldn’t mind catching up with the most trending videos on YouTube using a Mac Laptop. However, most Mac users prefer watching YouTube videos while working on other things on the same device.

With Safari, you can now watch a video while also focusing on other things. You only need to click twice on the video that’s currently playing. Once you bring up the menu, you should be able to navigate your way around the picture-in-picture features.

7. Append E-Signatures

Are you stuck in the old fashioned way of signing contracts and all other manners of agreements on paper? You might be at odds on how to use Mac to sign PDFs right in the mail. But don’t panic.

Your Mac provides a range of markup options that include one for signing PDFs. You only need to navigate to the Preview app on your Mac. Then click the markup toolbar, where you can click the sign button.

You should be able to sign the onscreen instructions to create and then save the e-signature. A saved signature then makes it easy to add to any PDF document.

There’s So Much You Can Achieve Using a Mac

Mac stands out as one of the most prolific personal computers in the market today. Despite it being pricey, there’s so much to discover on this device, which makes using a Mac pure joy. However, Mac has a few inbuilt functions you probably never knew about that could help make your life easier.

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