This year, around 52 percent of people say they want to make up for vacation time delayed by COVID-19.

International travel is one of the wonders of the modern world. Whether you want to see ice caps or Buddhist temples, all you need to do is hop on a plane, and you can be seeing the sights that very same day.

However, with any experience, there are risks; international travel safety is not to be overlooked. Between foreign diseases and tourist scammers, you’re constantly at risk when traveling. Don’t fall foul to the unexpected by failing to prepare!

Read on to find out how to stay safe during international travel trips.

1. Learn About Common Scams

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Some places are worse than others, but there are scams everywhere. Although you may be well accustomed to common scams in your home country, it’s a different story when you travel abroad.

Learn about the prevalent scams in your destination country and look out for them carefully.

2. Get Insurance

Get Insurance

Getting insurance is an unfortunate necessity. Forking out your hard-earned cash for a service you hope never to use may feel annoying, but you’ll be eternally grateful when you do get into trouble.

You should check that everything on your travel itinerary is covered in your package. Ensure your insurance covers both travel and medical expenses and print off your policy terms in advance of your trip.

Most insurers will have a hotline for you to call when you get into trouble – use it because they may not pay out retrospectively if you didn’t alert them at the time.

3. Look After Your Valuables

Look After Your Valuables

This one goes without saying: lock up your valuables. Additionally, when you’re out and about, keep your bag close. You should have a bag that can strap to your front so that you can see it at all times.

Invest in a small padlock for your bag. Although someone could cut through it given time, it’ll ward off opportunistic pickpockets.

Finally, stop putting valuables in your back pocket!

4. Protect Yourself

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The last in this list of travel safety tips concerns personal safety. You need to consider the risk of break-ins and muggings in your travel planning.

You should learn basic self-defense and stay on the lookout for people that look like they may want to do you harm. Additionally, depending on local laws, you should consider arming yourself. You can get more info online about how to fly with a firearm.

International Travel Safety Tips You Need To Know

Whether it’s a work or leisure trip, no one wants to have to deal with an emergent crisis while abroad. These international travel safety will help your trip abroad run smoothly and without incident.

It’s time to start planning how you’ll implement each of these steps before your next trip – you won’t regret it.

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