Do you have an old car that you don’t want anymore?

You can trade it in when you buy a new car. You can also sell it on your own if you don’t want to trade it.

But before you go with one option over the other, you should consider the pros and cons that come along with each. It’ll help you make a final decision as far as what you’re going to do with your car.

Learn about the pros and cons of trading cars in versus selling them below.

The Pros and Cons of Trading a Car In

If you’re going to be purchasing a new car to replace your old one, trading your old car in is usually the most convenient option. It’ll require almost no work on your part.

To trade it, all you’ll need to do is let the car dealership that’s selling you your new car know that you would like to trade in your old car. They’ll tell you how much they’ll take off the price of your new car after crunching the numbers on their end.

Trading a car in is so simple to do. But the one big downside of it is that most car dealerships won’t give people much money for a trade-in.

More often than not, you won’t get what your car is actually worth during a trade-in situation.

The Pros and Cons of Selling a Car on Your Own

If you’re not happy with the idea of trading your car in for less than it might worth, you have the option to sell it. You can get more money for your car when you sell it to a private buyer.

But the one big drawback of selling a car is that it’ll take a decent amount of effort on your part. You’ll need to clean your car up, list it for sale, and then arrange to show it to people.

It can be more trouble than it’s worth. There is also no telling when someone will make you an offer that you’ll like for your old car.

Considering One Other Great Option

Would you like to enjoy the best of both worlds when it comes to getting rid of an old car? There is one option outside of trading it in to a car dealership or selling it to a private buyer that you might want to use.

You can also contact a company that specializes in giving people cash for junk cars. It’s usually the best choice for those who have older cars that don’t look very nice and/or don’t run.

Junk car buyers will typically pay you more than a car dealership would give you for your car as part of a trade. At the same time, they’ll make the process of selling a car so much simpler than it would be if you were to sell your car to a private buyer.

Make sure you think about utilizing this option in addition to considering trading your car for cash or selling it to a private buyer.

So When Getting Rid of a Used Car, Should You Trade It or Sell It?

Only you can decide what to do with your old car. You’re more than welcome to trade it, sell it to a private buyer, or reach out to a junk car buyer about possibly purchasing it.

Weigh your different options based on the condition of your car and choose the one that’ll work best for you. You’ll feel so much better when you take this approach to unloading an old car.

Read our blog for more tips on selling a car for cash you don’t want anymore.

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