Communities in ancient China, Greece, and Egypt highly esteemed healing crystals primarily for spiritual use. Even today, people from across the world now espouse these beautiful sparkling crystals in their daily lives.

Crystals look beautiful, feature in different types, and have different functions. Healing crystals for health, for instance, protect the bearer against emotional, mental, and physical harm. The crystals can also protect the energy within you. Take note that the associative healing attached to healing crystals rests on believes that have existed for centuries. Healing crystals have been connected to certain animals which represent a guide in your spiritual life and path. In order to find out which spiritual animal is yours, you may try out this quiz – Who’s Your Spirit Animal?

What Are Healing Crystals?

Crystals are naturally occurring substances found under the surface of the earth. They’re a formation of molecules that can be small or large, depending on the intensity of their compactness. Crystals may differ from each other based on their physical appearances and chemical composition.

Healing crystals are an assortment of crystals believed to have the ability to bring wellness into human life. Healing crystals have different structural composition, colors, shape, and significance. Check out these anxiety crystals if you are suffering from anxiety.

How Do Healing Crystals Work?

Enthusiasts and pioneers of healing crystals believe in the chemical framework of crystals as the integral component that enables them to possess power and generate energy. When you use the crystals based on its defined application, they unleash the necessary energy to bring a calming effect, offer protection, and bring remedy in distressful situations.

Maximize the benefits of using healing crystals by integrating them into your daily life in the following ways.

1. Use The Crystals For Growth

Healing crystals are associated with intimate holistic development. They possess spiritual powers that can offer emotional guidance.

By sparking the required energy to surmount weakness, healing crystals provide emotional and spiritual security, hence these crystals are a remedy to issues that bother their bearers.

2. Use Healing Crystals During Bedtime

As one of the ways to enjoy a sound sleep, place the crystals next to your bed since it’s believed that these healing crystals unleash positive energy. Also, the crystals can help get rid of scary nightmares. Thus, healing crystals can give you a calming effect when you sleep.

You can also use the healing crystals whenever you spend nights away from home. Carry the crystals with you and place them next to any bed you sleep in, and they’ll give you a phenomenal peace of mind, ensuring you have a splendid night.

3. Use Healing Crystals In Your Clothing

Since it’s believed that the crystals will exude positive energy unto the clothes, place these crystals in your closet. When you wear the clothes, you’ll have a double portion of positive energy – from the clothes and the healing crystals that you carry around.

  1. Carry The Crystals With You

It’s common to lose energy and positivity as you move around, pursuing your errands during the day. However, you can still stay on course with healing crystals as it can help you fight feelings of inadequacy, doubt, and fear.

Due to the crystals’ variety of sizes, you’ll be able to choose one that you can easily carry around. Determine how you would prefer to carry the crystals and pick on the right size.

For instance, if you’re going to work or the market for shopping, you can carry the crystals with you in your purse. If you don’t like putting crystals in your purse, or you don’t like bringing one, you can also opt for healing crystals that can fit inside your pocket.

Use Healing Crystals

5. Use Healing Crystals When Grooming

Grooming involves body care and clothing, which is one’s routine practice. Crystals can release protective energy that soothes your body, making you healthier and happier. You can use healing crystals when you go to the shower or any other water that you use to clean your body.

Find healing crystals suitable for such activities, then place them in the water that you use when undertaking ultimate home self-care.

6. Use The Healing Crystals In Meditation

Contemplation needs peace of mind. It requires undisturbed attention with leveraged quietness. Use the healing crystals to bring peace unto your mind. You can meditate in any quiet place as long as you have the right healing crystal for that particular purpose.

When using crystals for meditation, try to make the environment as quiet as you can. If you’re within a home setup, you may consider switching off the television, music systems, and place your phone to silent mode.

When using healing crystals for meditation, keep the focus by holding the crystals in your hand. Each crystal may come with varying intensity of power.

7. Make The Crystals Part Of Your Interior Decoration

Healing crystals have different designs. As a tip, you would want to match them with your interior decoration.

To find the right crystal, you should first identify the kind of energy you desire, then see to it that it blends with your home’s design. You will, then, have a lasting source of positive energy surrounding your home.

If you have a generous space in your home, you can go for relatively larger crystals. You can also implement this healing crystal at your office to give you productivity and protection from negative energy.

8. Use Healing Crystals On Your Body

You can acquire healing crystals as ornaments. Wearing healing crystals on your body is slightly different from carrying them in your pocket and your purse.

Bangles and necklaces with healing crystals are closer to the body and can release more energy and supercharge your emotions.


You can use healing crystals in any form that appeals to you in everyday life. The crystals are available in different sizes, colors, designs, and functions.

You can use them for personal growth or place them closer beside your bed for positive thoughts, peaceful nights, and good dreams. Your clothing can also match well with healing crystals. The crystals can also help you during meditation by giving you positive energy when you’re undertaking self-care activities. Healing crystals can complement your interior decoration and bring positive energy to your home. Lastly, you can use healing crystals on your body as bangles and necklaces, bringing positive energy for maximum gain.

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